Adventuring: Continuing On

adventure time

We all have to face it one day. Our game will come to an end. The goal complete and the characters wrapping up the story nicely. Then, someone asks “Want to continue the story or just end it here?” Continue reading Adventuring: Continuing On

Creating a good character

This article was originally written by me for the Blue Dwarf website, but most of this applies to most other roleplaying games where you need to create a character. 

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The character you play is probably the most crucial part of your role-playing experience. Your character will be your outlook onto the crazy world of Blue Dwarf, and how you interact with it. It is your character’s actions that you will write about, so they should be interesting! Continue reading Creating a good character

How to twist your plots – subtlety & consequences

Plot twist aheadThis is part of an article written by Johnn Four from, I thought this was useful not just for tabletop RPers, but for play-by-post RPers too. So have published it here – but you really should read the original post (you’ll find it here).

Be Subtle

Give clues about the surprising truth but don’t tip off they’re clues. And play the long game. Traditional advice has you ensuring players pick up your clues and creating clue redundancy in case players miss your first hints. With twists, we go the other direction. We put stuff in plain sight but give no indication it’s special. Keep your poker face on, keep your voice steady, don’t give away anything. Continue reading How to twist your plots – subtlety & consequences

Class is in Session

teaching class in sessionI have seen many games where the mod has asked you to write three or more sentences per post. While this is a good rule to live by… or should I say write by, not every post can be like this. There have you even been mods should have asked for a certain word count or even a paragraph number. All well and good. But again not every post can have a certain number of words or certain number of paragraphs. In fact, many replies to certain post only done with one sentence or one word. How do we stop this growing trend of short blurbs for posts? Continue reading Class is in Session

*Generating* help


Let’s face it, originality is dead.

Or is it?

Some people have a hard time thinking of original titles or character names for their games, but that shouldn’t stop them from playing. In fact, there are several different types of generators out there on the web alone that can help create a game or character that is unique to you. You can google a hundred different types of name generators for characters alone or you can find some of the most popular generators on the web. Continue reading *Generating* help

Warning: Lack of content

Warning lack of content


This opinion article was written to us by Miranda from the game Pokémon: Dark Age.

Have you ever gone through great lengths to write an awesome post, only to have it responded to with a few sentences? I know I have. Does it frustrate you? Does it make you want to reach through your computer screen and slap your fellow RP’ers? Or worse yet, does this seem to be an ever growing trend that completely dissuades you from wanting to join in on many roleplaying games? Continue reading Warning: Lack of content

Sitcoms and Roleplaying Games

Big Bang Theory cast w logoIn today’s entertainment world, it seems we are flooded with a plethora of shows that seem to just run into each other via plots or ideas. These shows tend to be very unsuccessful and usually end within the pilot or the first or second season if they’re lucky. But then, there are those shows that seem to triumph over the rest, the ones that stick out, the ones you might have thought you would hate but would come to love. Situation Comedies or “Sitcoms” go best with this pattern, in a way, roleplaying games can follow suit. How does it relate? How do you make roleplaying games like sitcoms? Well there’s only one way to find out.  Continue reading Sitcoms and Roleplaying Games

12 villain archetypes to choose from


Creating a believable villain can be difficult. A villain needs a sensible cause (click here for an article about that), and they need to be credible (click here for tips about that too). You might find you need a bit of inspiration for creating a good villain, so here’s a list of 12 villains Continue reading 12 villain archetypes to choose from