Eve in Thought [FPF]

I ask, “Whatcha doin Eve babe?” Eve babe replies, “Just making dinner for later.” Then Eve babe pours some olive oil, water, and some herbs in the pot before closing the top and locking it. Then Eve babe hands me the pot to hold as she says, “Jaxx could you hold this in the sun to cook since your body can stand the heat?” I take the pot in my claw and rest the base on my body as I reply, “Sure thing Eve babe. What about Kenny dude?” Eve babe covers Kenny dude in sand then wipes off the snake goo as she looks at the metal orb and says, “Hello Kenny? If your working its me Evelina and Jaxx.” Kenny dude replies like he has a bad speaker, “Greeee……ngs my sys…sys…system …………is pariing.”

After a really long walk in the desert I look at Jaxx and the copper pot he is holding in his claw. Its been cooking in the sun for a good two hours by now and it does smell good. To bad no one is around to share it with me. Oh well I should eat it before it burns up. I ask, “Hey Jaxx pass me the pot please. I’m a little hungry.” Jaxx replied, “Sure thing Eve babe.” I use my MACO armor gloves to keep my hands from burning as I open the hot steamy pot. Then I reach in and pull out the snake and prepare to take a bite when Jaxx says, “I didn’t know ya like long meat in your mouth Eve babe.” I almost chock as I was about to take a bite by Jaxx’s comment. I look at him in shock as I reply, “Excuse me? What is that suppose to mean?” Jaxx replied, “Well we passed up more of those snake things a while back. I could have scored ya some more if ya wanted.” I sigh in relief as I remember Jaxx is practically clueless to male perversion. I take a bite of the snake and realize it is very good. I need to remember this recipe for later on. As I enjoy my meal I realize we are getting close to town now and that Kenny AI is still repairing itself in my bag. Maybe Cass should have a look at him when we meet up.

As I look at Jaxx again I notice he still has the gold bracelet around his neck still. I wonder if he will wear it when he gets his body back. Of course Jaxx really doesn’t know too much about marriage and a lot of things for that matter, but I really want to believe he does care. I mean he has done some amazing things for me and never complained even once, but I really want to hear him tell me how he feels. I know I am being insecure and selfish but a girl needs to hear her guy say the “L” word at least once in a while. Listen to me babble on like a normal human schoolgirl. I’m a GELF for crying out loud, and a damaged one at that. I look at Jaxx as he quietly moves beside me. He is always so strong even in a skutter body he is strong. I mean not only is he fearless, but he is the most beautiful and strongest creature I have ever seen. At first I thought it was his body I was attracted to since he wasn’t to bright, but as I got to know him I sensed there was more to him than mere muscles. Granted I do miss seeing his muscles. I mean they are friking huge and those shark fins really do strike my fancy time I see them. Oh baby just thinking about them gets me excited. I bet he has no idea how the naughty things I wanted to do with him. Just thinking about washing my undies on his washboard stomach sets my thighs on fire. Oh my I need to stop thinking about that stuff. It’s to hot as it is without those kind of thoughts.

I fan myself to cool off as I look at my sweet Jaxx and think I wonder what he is thinking about? Of course my thought is interrupted by a small group of people gathering around town trying to hide.

A beckoning Jaysus had shot around a corner up ahead.
I saw Beardy Bloke Judas shoot into a door to the left. He might be native, but I'd rather follow Jay than that creepy weasel any day (especially if it was THE Judas).
“C’mon!” I yelled at Jade, and shoved a lagging Jacky forwards.
“Alex, wait!” Someone called. I snapped my head to look at whoever had shouted it, couldn’t tell, and turned back where I was going again as I rounded the corner.
… And saw, too late, that I was about to collide with some guy with red-blond hair and a grin. That’s the last thing I remember before everything went black.

Look at Alex on the floor and then at Jay, Jacky, Jade, Plisken some cheesy commercial looking pirate guy who seems full of himself. I say, “Hey Jay what’s going on?” Jaxx says, “You dudes what up? Guess what bro we totally ran into this dirty old dude who gave us stuff and then we like found Kenny dude before we totally found this place and stuff. I giggled as Jaxx kept the conversation simple with the others..

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