Erm, did I interrupt something private?

The nearby door opened again and in walks a six foot one inch hamster dressed in only a bath towel & shower cap. He glances around the room, taking in Phil, Jay, Tara, Jaxx, Evelina, Plisken, Ransom, the goat and MP who was wearing nothing but a very small towel for a few brief moments.

"Why doesn't anybody ever tell me when everyone is taking a group shower?" says the oversized hamster feeling insulted and quickly turning around and heading back out the door, "Well, if it's -privacy- you guys need..."

OOC: Just my quickie post to (sort of) jump back in, while I'm trying to get back into the swing of things - like reading much longer stuff (which is still a bit of a bugger) after my having cataract surgery and not being get any glasses (for just over a month) while my eyes are healing and my vision is settling back down to something that the Eye Doc can write a prescription for. Please feel free to fill me in on what I missed, or cuss me out for bogging off being a blind bat, whichever floats ya boat! :)
- White Wolf

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