Wrongfully Accused Still

The nearby door opened again and in walks a six foot one inch hamster dressed in only a bath towel & shower cap. He glances around the room, taking in Phil, Jay, Tara, Jaxx, Evelina, Plisken, Ransom, the goat and MP who was wearing nothing but a very small towel for a few brief moments.

"Why doesn't anybody ever tell me when everyone is taking a group shower?" says the oversized hamster feeling insulted and quickly turning around and heading back out the door, "Well, if it's -privacy- you guys need..."

Jaxx was still a bit dizzy as his head was pounding from the head wound. Deep down he really wanted to hurt someone but at this point it was pointless. He was tired and wanted to lay down with Evelina. Jaxx was not sad to see Plisken sent away by Tara but he was confused as to how Phil, Mini Phil and Whitewolf arrived on the resort without a ship. Jaxx just chalked it up as just another thing to leave alone. Evelina did her best to hold Jaxx despite her side hurting from her somewhat healed gunshot wound. Evelina said to Jaxx, "Ummm....did Tara just save your life?" Jaxx replied, "Looks like it Evebabe. That crazy chick totally has the hots fer me."The others looked at Jaxx like he was off his rocker. Jaxx held the wound on his head as he pointed at Tara and said, "Look Sara I appreciate you stoppin Old Man River from totally bustin a cap in my melon, but I am wit Evebabe. It totally won't work out between us. I'm like a reformed heinous killing machine with a busted melon and your a dead chick in a computer. I mean you should like go fer Phil or flyboy or jungle dude cause they are like human and single and stuff. I am totally not interested in ya so like for the love of curry stop tryin ta like break us up. I am totally tired and I like wanna go home now. Eve and I are totally worn out and need to chill. So just back off k?"

Evelina looked at Jaxx like he was out of his mind as she fought the urge to laugh since it would make things worse and hurt her side more. Evelina thought to herself, "How in the hell did you even come to that conclusion? Oh my goodness Jaxx you are out of your mind? I swear your off your rocker but you look so damn cute when you're like this." Evelina then looked at the others who were completely baffled by what Jaxx just said. They looked at Tara and then at Jaxx as they tried to figure where Jaxx ever got that impression and if there was some truth to it. Jaxx then said, "Come on Evebabe lets go home." Jaxx then picked up Evelina as he staggered towards the hanger from his dizzyness.


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