Dyvia grunted to Balar's speech, then perked up at Tiella's offer.
"I'll consider it."
Then she went back to sharpening her own blade.
Erik bowed his head to them both, " I hope I will be of use in your quest.", Then he moved to the outer edge of the fire, laying down in the now damp grass.
"Are you sure you want to sleep so far from the fire?" Dyvia yelled, "I don't want to lose the only other sane person here!"
"It is safer for you all that I sleep out here, I am an active dreamer."
Erik was walking again, the same path, the same presence.
Reaching the camp, he saw that there were bodies this time. He tried desperately to look away, to even close his eyes at the sight.
"Erik, I made some soup."
No! Not her!
Erik tried to move, to wake himself up.
"I'm not sure what your people eat, but we found some nuts and a squirrel!"
He felt a weight on his chest,"By the ancestors, make it stop!"
He then froze as he heard a familiar cackle.
Finding he could move, he searched for the source. Spinning around, he stared into the eyes of—
Erik rose with a rage filled roar, ready to engage his enemy.
Only when he realized he was awake did he see that the group was surrounding him, weapons drawn.
"What have I done??"

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