I ain't that Baby's Godmother

Caligari walked along at Olin’s side as the Giant-led progression made its way through the snow. She was barefooted, her worn boots having dissolved or vanished during her enchanted wardrobe change following Hel’s death. The witch had never been one to burden herself with an overabundance of clothes and her new attire was in keeping with that trend, if not pushing the limits of decency. So it was a safe bet that flimsy veil she wore did nothing to keep her warm . The cold was a sensation she’d grown accustomed to, but that nutty flavored giant’s milk (or was it wine) was a welcome buffer against the snow. When those powdery drifts became deep Garm stepped in to offer her a ride and she was quick to hop onto his back, becoming more comfortable with the mounting and unmounting of that great winter wolf. Though it was impossible to sit like a lady while wearing….whatever it is she called it and she made no effort to do so, which would come as no surprise to those who’d come to know Cali.

So members of the party talked among themselves, pairing off naturally as their comforts allowed or demanded. Balar and Tiella were rarely separated and Luna kept close to the litter to which Dyvia had now been restricted. The litter was pulled by their Jotun who was often engaged in talk among the giants so Cali tried not to linger near the front of their little band of wanderers. After a time, however, she felt it could go unsaid no longer and she strode up sitting atop Garm, to speak with Luna.

“I’ve had time to think on your question, Luna. About the removal of Dyvia’s unnatural child and whether it can be done safely. The short answer is, no. Absolutely not. There is a hell spawn inside her womb and she cannot bring a cursed thing like that into the world without paying a price herself. And before you protest - it is not I who demand the price nor I who made her choose to take on this burden. But if you meant instead to ask whether I can remove it from her womb without killing the dwarf in the process - I believe the answer is yes. If the body is completely immobile I can remove entire organs and not outright kill the person. Oh they die, yes, but not outright. So going into her belly and extracting this… thing should be possible. She’ll need bed rest afterwards and these are hardly ideal conditions.”

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