Miles released an animal snarl as the Ice Elf barrelled into his side empowered with her magic. He stumbled to one knee and for a second considered resuming his wolf form to deal with this threat, as a human his strength and agility were diminished, but no. He sprang to his feet and attacked the Elf with a flurry of steel. His twin blades moving in practised arcs as his eyes shone with the eldritch power of the hunt.

"You are new." he hissed through gritted teeth as the elf fought of his attacks. "Do not trust these fools they will lead you to your doom and abandon you to darkness. I should know."

He pressed his attack even as two of his wolf brothers charged past him with fangs agape. The ran headlong towards Balar and Olin, while the second charge Caligari and the old wizard as they emerged from the trees.

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