Carla Says Go

Ryze let out a chuckle and shook his head as he held onto Ring. The weapon was sparking and looked ready to fall apart. "Well, why don't we go before this place turns into scrap metal." He said.

Carla squawked, pecking at Mar's leg as if agreeing with the idea of leaving. She wanted to get them, especially Serenity, to safety.


Thrass was fast to get strapped in, preparing to blast anything that came at them. Ghost simply sat, strapped in as she held VT-L2, who had instantly hopped into her lap the moment she sat.

Jin'Lor simply stood, glancing to Keran. A deep frown crossed his face as a familiar face flashed over his mind. "My father..." He muttered, though the words sounded more like a growl.

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