That Good Night

Ms. Davidson looked around to see what expressions the class had before she spoke again.

Ms. Davidson: So who here understands what this poem is describing?

Ashley raised her hand with a big smile. Ms. Davidson looked for other hands before she called on Ashley.

Ms. Davidson: Yes miss...………...Bendinger?

Ashley: My father told they use that term a lot in his work.

Ms. Davidson: And what work is that?

Ashley: Acting and stuntman stuff.

Ms. Davidson: Good then so then enlighten us then.

Ashley: Well it is a reference to a man who refuses to go down without a fight, even when he knows the odds are real bad. So he fights against the odds and struggles to prevail.

Ms. Davidson: Very good Miss Bendinger.

Ms. Davidson: Anyone else?

It could have been Rose who had drawn the word death on her page as to the meaning of the poem. It could have been Sam who actually knew this poem from a previous class she had taken. Maybe, Zander could have raised his hand through poetry wasn't his favorite subject he was usually one of the first to do so. However, it was Kyle who raised his hand after the girl, who he didn't really know the name of, spoke.

"Yes...Mr.... Foster."

"It's about death. About living your best life so you can look back on it with happiness before dying."

"Very good." Ms. Davidson replied. "Would anyone else like to add anything?"


Doug was bored in class. He and his friend, while they were supposed to be doing work, started harassing the nerd in front of them a little, Doug made a paper airplane and, when the teacher's back was turned threw it at the kid. A few snickers came from Doug, his friend, and a few others when it hit the nerd.

The snickers made the teacher turn around but Doug bit his lip to hide the grin. The next target was another nerd who had sat more to the other side of Doug and in front of him. This one got a pencil thrown at him.

"Mr. Jefferson is there a problem."

"Nope, no problem." Which was true as him bullying the nerds wasn't a problem for him at all.

"Move up here." Pointing to a seat that was empty at the front of the class. Doug got his stuff and moved to the front of the classroom. His only thought: the first day, in trouble, that's must be a new record.

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