Spanish I

Sam walked into Spanish and looked around. There were a few people she recognized from Language Arts class and two girls from gymnastics who waved her over. She went and sat by them...……...

Doug, on the outside, however, just seemed like Doug. He purposely walked past Zander's desk; making a quick sweeping motion, he knocked Zander's books to the floor. Zander took a breath and looked up at Doug.
"What Nerd? You got a problem?" Doug practically hissed his words at his brother.
Zander took another breath. "Nope, no problem." Maybe, cooler heads could prevail.

Ashley and Blossom were chatting as more students came into the class. They saw some familiar faces from the last class and some new ones. Since it was a Humanities class there was a mix of different year students. Of course it was no shock to see a jock bullying a nerd again. The bully (Doug) came off as an arrogant jerk who believed he could do no wrong. Ashley shook her head as he walked off. Though she did feel bad for the nerd her main concern was Jack. If Doug tried that stuff on Jack she would feel inclined to turn him into a pretzel, shove him in a box and mail him to Abu Dhabi.

Jack on the other hand paused his conversation with Justin to glare at Doug who was clearly being an @ss hat. They shook their heads as the nerd didn't want to deal anymore an caved in. Since Jack didn't know the nerd and he was a scholarship student, he didn't feel it was worth risking him getting kicked out.

Ashley looked at Jack to see what he was going to do before she went back to talking to Blossom who was not to keen on the whole bully thing. Luckily Ms. Lopez got class started and began with introductions and expectations. Ironically since she was very pretty and well endowed the majority of the guys in class could only stare at her in silence as she spoke. Jack could feel Ashley's intimidating smile from his side. He knew why after he looked up to see the hot busty teacher talking and smirked. That smirk cost him any peace he may have enjoyed in this class since Ashley was not to keen on her Jack checking out other women besides herself. Of course Jack stayed busy and took notes to make it look like he was not ogling the teacher like the other guys. Justin found the Latin teacher pretty, but she was nowhere near his strike zone.

Ms. Lopez went over the syllabus and expectations for the students and her tutoring hours for those who might struggle a bit. She mentioned the online resources to help the student on the syllabus and that they would also be experiencing some Spanish culture in the class in the future such as different types of foods, music, clothing and so on. She felt it would help aid them in understanding the language with real references.

As Ms. Lopez continued Ashley whispered to Jack.

Ashley whispering: I saw that Jack.

Jack whispering: I don't know what you are talking about.

Ashley: So you like them big huh?

Jack: We are not doing this here.

Then Ms. Lopez saw Ashley and Jack whispering so she interrupted them.

Ms. Lopez: And do you mind telling me what is so important Mr. Gomez?

Jack looked at Ashley who gave him a "I dare you" expression. Seeing as he was in trouble for checking out his hot teacher in front of her he decided to play nice and get on Ashley's good side.

Jack: She was asking why tacos are different wherever you go.

Ms. Lopez: Oh well that is actually a good question...……...Ms. Bendinger.

Ashley: Yes ma'am.

Ms. Lopez: Well that is a very good question. The history of the taco will vary depending on where you travel to. The taco predates the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico. There is anthropological evidence that the indigenous people living in the lake region of the Valley of Mexico traditionally ate tacos filled with small fish. Writing at the time of the Spanish conquistadors, Bernal Díaz del Castillo documented the first taco feast enjoyed by Europeans, a meal which Hernán Cortés arranged for his captains in Coyoacán. After that the recipe spread like wildfire and the ingredients changed since what was available varied in each location. That is why it is very popular and famous despite what is in it.

Ashley: I did not know that. Thanks Ms. Lopez.

Ms. Lopez: Sure. Oh and Mr. Gomez...….Bien, salvar a Jack.

Jack blushed a bit as he nodded.

Jack: Yes ma'am.

Ms. Lopez then continued her lecture.


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