The Song Remains The Same

Then Ms. Kopper nodded and checked her phone before speaking.

Ms. Kopper: Thank you Mr. Foster. We still have a few more auditions to cover so please be patient. I know it's not easy to sit still this long. Okay next is William Baston.

Another male student stood up and took his place on the stage. Some of the students mingled a bit as William got himself ready. Roxy simply smiled at her groupies even though she wanted to talk to some of the other impressive musicians in the room. She was hoping for a jam session if they were not grouped together.

In the back Alex Ruso from the art class quietly watched as the musicians played. She wondered what the point was for them to be in the music room and was bored out of her mind.

The auditions were getting long by this point. Rose didn't mind, as most of them were really good but she did hope this wouldn't be a common occurrence as she wanted to do art more than listen to music class. Still, one by one they kept going.

Heath had been wondering what had happened to Rose to make her leave school last year and now he was curious that she was back. Unlike, some other people, he didn't pay much attention to gossip; it was usually wrong anyway. Maybe, she'd tell him if not he supposed he just would never know.

Kyle and Dawn both watch, with interest, the auditions. Not just to figure out the major competition but also to try to figure out who might be a good match up for jam sessions. They both had people in mind.

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