Just because it's on the internet...

Class was a bit interesting since Ms. Lopez has a very outgoing personality. They went over the syllabus and rules for the class room before Ms. Lopez asked the students who traveled a bit about their knowledge of Latin Culture. Some students gave some very off answers and some gave some very believable answers . Ms. Lopez pointed out the facts from the fiction and told them that they can not believe something just because they heard it from someone or saw it on the internet. She told them that even though Spanish originated from the Latin language and was spread out through Europe it was altered over time. This is why the dialects will vary for the Spanish language depending on where they travel. Even in South American the Spanish language varies so they will need to be patient when they don't understand other Spanish speakers.

Ms. Lopez seemed like she was going to be a fun teacher, which Sam found to be a good thing. Besides, her home town, school, and visiting Rose she hadn't traveled very much and certainly had never gone to any countries like the ones being discussed in class. Even with that even she could tell some of the stories seemed made up or like something read on the internet. Dialects varied which was only to be suspected.

Zander paid close attention to class, ignoring his brother or trying to as he could feel the junior's eyes glaring at him even if he couldn't see that's what was happening. He would transfer out of the class but didn't want to give Doug the satisfaction. At least, this was probably the only class they would have together.

Spanish class ended and Math classes would be next. Zander was off to Calculus and Sam was off to Math II where she'd meet Rose.

The bully (Doug) came off as an arrogant jerk who believed he could do no wrong. Ashley shook her head as he walked off. Though she did feel bad for the nerd her main concern was Jack. If Doug tried that stuff on Jack she would feel inclined to turn him into a pretzel, shove him in a box and mail him to Abu Dhabi.

Jack on the other hand paused his conversation with Justin to glare at Doug who was clearly being an @ss hat. They shook their heads as the nerd didn't want to deal anymore an caved in. Since Jack didn't know the nerd and he was a scholarship student, he didn't feel it was worth risking him getting kicked out.

Sam noticed the Doug; the boy had gained a reputation she glanced around thinking someone else might do something but when no one did; she looked directly at the junior and said. "Hey, Doug. I think the class is getting ready to start."

Sam was a scholarship student and she shouldn't get involved but she couldn't just let it happen; like it seemed others in the class were. Besides, she was a girl, she doubted he would hit her.

Doug glared at her "Whatever" and went to his seat.

Zander was surprised this girl he didn't even know said anything to Doug but she didn't seem the slightest bit scared of him. He mouthed a thank you to her and picked up his books.

It was then class started Zander didn't know how the rest of the year would go but it seemed as if he might have a slight ally. Which was better than none at all. As it was doubtful any of his nerd friends would stick up to Doug.

Class started and there was some talk of tacos and where they came from. Zander breathed a sigh; it was going to be a long year.

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