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Ms. Kopper: Thank you Ms. Roker. Okay next is Dave Myers.

Heath shook his head slightly, he went to say something else but Rose put a finger to her lips and nodded towards the front where Dave Myers was starting his performance. Dave Myers didn't sing or play guitar or piano. He played saxophone, really truly amazing saxophone. He introduced each song, 4 of them altogether, and was met with applause.

"Thank you. Mr. Myers." Dave took his seat. "Next we'll hear from Kyle Foster"

Kyle might have been nervous going after Roxy but he had been around the music industry people his entire life. Not just the executives but stars. Kyle had acknowledged she was good, really good, good enough he wouldn't mind jamming with her but that would be more up to her than him, he was sure, but that didn't make him nervous more just knowing the game with a star in it meant it was upped. He had a healthy respect for having to go after her.

He walked to the front with his guitar. Introduced himself as everyone else had done. His name was Kyle Foster; he was trying out for... He took out his guitar sat down and performed Somebody to Love. The second song he performed was an original song called Better Than I Know Myself. He got to his third song and he put down the guitar and went to the Piano.

"For my next song, I'm going to perform Mad World." He finished that song. And went into his last song, also on the piano. "One" He finished to applause, like the rest except Roxy who had, expectantly, fans in the audience.

Dawn had watched the performances that came after her; especially Roxy's. She, of course, knew who she was and would really like to jam with her but figured if she got chosen, she did, and if not well it was what it was. She had been watching the other performers and was trying to see who might be a good fit. She watched Kyle and the boy seemed able to do vocal gymnastics. Maybe, a true 4 octave, possible.

Then Ms. Kopper nodded and checked her phone before speaking.

Ms. Kopper: Thank you Mr. Foster. We still have a few more auditions to cover so please be patient. I know it's not easy to sit still this long. Okay next is William Baston.

Another male student stood up and took his place on the stage. Some of the students mingled a bit as William got himself ready. Roxy simply smiled at her groupies even though she wanted to talk to some of the other impressive musicians in the room. She was hoping for a jam session if they were not grouped together.

In the back Alex Ruso from the art class quietly watched as the musicians played. She wondered what the point was for them to be in the music room and was bored out of her mind.


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