Gym set up

After Bisnusses class JD ran to his room and quickly changed out of his uniform and into gym clothes. It did not take him long before he was out the door. JD got close to the building following others into the gym. Coach Warburton and Coach Callahan were yell out what to do and who was doing it. Of course, the guys had to move the giant mats and unroll them placing them for wrestling and gymnastics. JD was grunting as he rolled one of the mats out when she caught his eye. Rose and Sam were walking towards the locker rooms.

There was something that stuck with him from lunch. the two of them interested him he was not sure why. It could be their friendship he had always wanted a long-term friendship. They were cute as well his mind was running crazy thinking on the reasons. "Hey JD! wake up," the guy said on the other end of the mat. He watched as other girls walked into the gym. JD wondered if he should personally ask one of them to the beach party. Who would say yes to him? He did not know anyone in the school well. With some people already matching up. He did not want to be left alone and awkward at the beach party.

Seeing Blossom and Jocelyn they would be a good choice though he was not sure Jocelyn would be into swimming and surfing. He just sighed as he kept working. "O man this mat stinks. I have forgotten how bad these things are," said JD out loud. Seeing Ashly he knew she had her choice, poor Jack JD thought. Jack could do worse JD guessed. JD watched as more came into the gym.

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