Justin: What's up Heath?

Heath saw Justin come over. "Hey, Conner, JD, myself and maybe Kyle are taking some of the nerd guys shopping for stuff before the beach trip. Wanted to know if you want to come. Figured your expertise might be useful."

He knew that Justin was into fashion and if the young man couldn't go shopping to help the girls maybe he could come with them instead.

Justin smirked at Heath as he nodded.

Justin: Sweet. Count me in. I am always up for shopping. So who else did you want to invite?


Ashley then saw Sam approach them and she turned and smiled at her. It was then she notices that Rose was not with her as she gave a small look around.

Ashley: Hey Sam. Where is your partner in crime?

"Rose wasn't feeling well." Sam responded to Ashley's question. It was about all she could say about the situation. "I did get her some ice cream though so that should help."

Ashley: Awwww.... I'm sorry to hear that. I hope she gets better.

Sam who had found Ashley by this point; heard a commotion over where she had been sitting and looked over. Muttering under her breath "First day, it's already starting." For the most part, there was a gap the size of the Grand Canyon between the rich kids and the scholarship students. Some people, like Rose, Kyle, very possibly Dawn, choose to either bridge the gap or fall on the opposite side of where they had started out. Others choose one side or the other.

Just then Lance and JD had a small confrontation and it appeared that Lance had his pride on the line. Luckily it was resolved peacefully.

Sam turned back to Ashley. "Well, glad that didn't escalate." She paused and looked at Blossom. "I know Ashley, here, has your back but if you ever need back up just let me know. " Sam liked Blossom as a friend and she would never let any friend go unprotected. Anyway, back to the reason Sam came over in the first place. She turned back to Ashley. "So, what did you need to talk to me about?"

Blossom turn a bit red by Sam's comment. It was nice but a bit embarrassing to hear that in public.

Blossom: Thanks. You guys are so nice.

Ashley: Aww your so sweet.

Ashley looked back at Sam and replied to her with a smile.

Ashley: Oh yeah, I was a little concerned about our trip to the mall for Blossom's swimsuit after I saw you and Rose not at the cafeteria for dinner. Are we still on for that? Oh and are we adding any other girls?


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