Rose had woken up early; not surprising considering how early she had fallen asleep. She was feeling better though and that was a good thing. She currently needed two things some water, the pills she had taken the night before had a tendency to not just make her tired but also thirsty. Maybe, the thirst was from how long she had slept.

She got a water bottle out of the fridge and drank it before moving on to her next task. The rough draft that was due for Art Class. Pulling out her sketch pad and a pencil she closed her eyes and thought back to the performances from music class. A few stood out more than others and those got narrowed down even more until there was one left standing in her mind. That was it, that was the one.

A line turned into something more and given enough time the page was filled with lines in into swirls and notes and then some lines erased more added. There wasn't a clear picture of what or who it was you had to look deeper into the drawing to tell that, it had an element of interpretation.

A groggy Sam started to wake up as the buzzing of the alarm on her phone did it's best to annoy her into being fully awake. She grabbed her phone and turned off the alarm. The girl had tried waking to music but it didn't do the trick the way the buzzing did.

She wiped her eyes, blinked, then closed them for a moment and blinked again. "How long have you been up?" She asked her roommate.

Rose didn't look up but responded. "About an hour."

"Are you feeling better?"

"Yes, thanks." Rose looked up for a moment before continuing to draw. "How was last night?" What the girl really wanted to ask was who was there or more like was one person in particular there but she refrained, she wasn't there yet and there was a lot to think on.

"Fun. Mostly fun. That football player, Lance, tried to start something with JD. JD though didn't take the bait. Some girl helped stopped them. I think she's a cheerleader or something. Anyway, we got more people for the shopping trip and apparently the guys are planning their own. Some of them decided to take the nerds shopping."

"Some girl? " That sounds like something you might have done.

"Maybe but no it wasn't me. I think her name is Ellen or Elena. I don't know. Yeah, she went off and talked to Lance." Sam shrugged.

"What guys are going shopping?"

"I'm not sure I know Heath is going. I think maybe JD, Conner, Lance, possibly Jack not sure who else."

Rose nodded and went back to her drawing. "Done, finally." She proclaimed. Rose really, sometimes, hated having to draw on a deadline.

"Can I see it?" Sam asked.

"Sure." Rose got up from the chair as Sam sat up. She handed the drawing to Sam who looked it over and got a grin on her face.

"What?" Rose asked.

"Nothing." Sam handed the drawing back to Rose. "I just find your subject matter, interesting."

Rose sighed. "Please don't tell me I made it obvious."

"No, well, not to most people." Sam responded. "Don't worry. I'm sure no one will guess who that is."

Rose closed up the drawing pad and put in to her backpack. Trying to change the subject "So, did you get to talk to Heath?"

Sam knew exactly what Rose was doing but let it go. "Yes. I told him about the accident and what happened yesterday."

"OK. That's not what I was asking about."

Sam shook her head. "Not yet. We're waiting just a little longer."

"Why? And please don't say it's because of me."

"Well..." Sam's voice trailed off. "I just want to get settled back into school."

"Now, I suppose I can call you a liar. Which means it is because of me."

Sam exhaled. "Alright, yes but only because I don't want to feel like I've abandoned you to date someone."

"Stop doing that. Stop putting things on hold because of me." Rose knew that the accident had been emotionally hard on Sam as well and the other girl was trying to make sure everything was alright with her before starting to date anyone but rose didn't think Sam should put her life on hold because of it. "I'm fine. You would never let that happen and this is Heath we're talking about, he doesn't come across as the kind of guy who would want you to do that." She paused and then added. "If you want to date him, date him already."

Sam smiled at her. "I'd just feel better if we wait. The beach party; I'll talk to him then, some more about it."

"Ok." Rose started to gather things together for a shower. "I'm going to take a shower and get dressed. Coach wanted to see me this morning. She said she'd be in her office at about 7. I'll go do that and then meet you for breakfast."

By the time Rose took a shower, dried her hair, got dressed and ready it was nearing 7. Sam was getting ready about that time to take her shower and said. "You want anything from the coffee cart?"

"Oh, that'd be great. A Mocha latte." She said handing her friend some money. "Just pay for your's out of that as well."

"You sure."

"Of course." Rose waved it off. "It's the least I can do after yesterday. I have chocolate ice cream waiting for me for later."

Sam breathed a laugh; she and Rose had enough arguments about Rose paying for things for Sam as Rose was the sort that would and Sam didn't want Rose to ever feel like she was taking advantage but she just gave this one to Rose as Sam nodded and took the money.

Coach Callahan's office wasn't very big but big enough for a desk and a few chairs, Filing cabinet. To the side of her desk stood her computer. The woman's door was opened but Rose knocked anyway.

"Rose, come in." Callahan said looking up from her paper and and motioned to the chair across the desk from her. "Take a seat."

Rose knew that the teachers, including Callahan, were for the moment, treating her with kid gloves but eventually those gloves would come off and if it was Callahan to stop doing that first it wouldn't surprise her. So, this make her a little nervous.

Callahan didn't address Rose's nervousness instead she just started talking about the issue at hand. "I spoke to your doctor. And while I know this means a lot to you I can't have you be part of the team if it jeopardizes your health."

Rose nodded not sure what to say to that.

Callahan continued. "However, I think that I've come up with a compromise for you. If you want it. Your doctor and I agree that while doing full circuits in competitions might be too much for you, right now. Sharing circuits with another team member might be fine." The coach paused for a moment. "Do you know Susan Mallory?"

"Yes." Susan Mallory was another Sophomore and had been a member of the team since last year. And while Susan wasn't really a friend of Rose's she seemed like a nice girl.

"Good. Her strengths are floor and vault. Your's are the uneven bars and balance beam. I've already spoken to her and she agreed to split it with you."

This meant they could do individual apparatuses and then the share the full circuit for the team all around. They couldn't do individual all around but Rose knew, after yesterday, that wasn't going to be possible. The important part was Rose could still be part of the team and not destroy herself in the process.

"Is that agreeable to you?"

"Yes, thank you." 'Rose was still a little surprised at the offer.

"Good because you're my best gymnast on the uneven bars and I don't want to lose you. " Callahan paused. "The only thing is you have to agree if you start having problems, again, you'll tell me."

"I will."

"OK then. I'll see you at practice."

Rose knew she had been dismissed and left but as soon as she was clear of the office a smile graced her lips. With that she went to go find Sam and tell her the good news.

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