Attack on the Nerd's

(Sometime during the day in between classes)

The sound of class change rang out and Lance got up and grabbed his pack and walked into the hall as it filled up with students going there next class. Meeting up with some others like Charlie and Joey Lance with them walked joking about the Ice cream social the night before. How some of the Scholarship Students look scared when he threatened JD. He smiled as Elena walked up "hay girl what up?" Elena looked up at him and then the ceiling "It's the ceiling or is it the panels and lights, silly." she said sarcastically. Lance looked at her "do you always have to be that way?" he asked her. " he reaches up on standing on her toes kissing him. "No, just you because I like you, Lance" she said. Lance smiled "Only you why me" he replied.

He put his arm around her shoulders as they started to walk. they turned the corner Lance saw Leonard Hofstadter his favorite person to pick on. Lance looked at the other guys and noded towards Leonard. Lance and the others got an evil grin on their faces. Elena looks and saw Leonard too as the boys walked faster to get to Leonard. Elena looked at Lance "you boys, really? I thought you want to walk me to class Lance?" He smiled "with some fun on the way" he replied.

They walked up behind Leonard. Joey tapped him on the shoulder as he walked by as Leonard turned to see who it was Charlie grabbed Leonard's pack from the other side throwing it to Lance. It looked like the perfect football play. Lance pivoted and throw it in a trash can in the hall. the gays started to laugh at Leonard. As a freshman walked by Lance he took the water bottle out of his hands and started to pour it into the trash can as Leonard was trying to get to it. when the freshman started to say something Lance stuff a five dollar bill in his pocket. "get lost" he ordered.

Leonard's head sank as he looked at the floor. He felt so embarrassed and humiliated. Lance through his laughing said, "Don't be late to class Scholarship nerd." Other students laughed as they walked by. Elena seems to be torn by what she saw but in the back of her mind, she thought he let it happen just stand up to them you wimp she thought. Lance put his arm back around Elena and they started to walk down the hall.

Leonard slowly pulls his pack out of the trash knocking food rapers and water off the pack. One tear runs down his face. this happens all the time why me what I did to them what was it with him that they had to do this to him all the time. Every school I go to I have to put up with this treatment. Why can't I be like the heroes in the games and stand up to the bullies in this world? he thought to himself as he wiped his face with his sleeve Leonard jump at the sound of a deep voice.

"Hay you ok" asked Conner looking down at him. Leonard striated up "Ya good" he replied as he turned and walked away quickly to get to class. Conner turned to JD as he walked up "I don't get some of the guys here" said Conner. JD seemed distracted then turned to Conner "what?" asked JD. Conner looked in the same direction "Hmm.. JD, really she is out of your league"Corner said jokingly. Besides, she likes someone else." said Conner looking at Sam. JD's eyes widened then laugh some "No, what the hell Conner. I know that. It's the other one who can't get her out of my head. said JD as they walked to class.

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