High lows Crunch

Thomas smile a large smile back at Blossom. He did not wave at her, that would be social suicide as she had just moved into the popular girl zone. He hoped Ashley and the other girls did not break her spirit.

The play had been a split left jog right split the seams. He was a relief receiver and his job was to run fast and head towards the end zone. He was not sure what that meant and really did not want to know. He had broke on the snap and managed to get ahead of the defender. No one expected him to be fast, they forget that gymnasts run all the time. The quarterback threw the ball and Thomas went for it. He pushed himself to catch it. He got his hand on it and his hand strength managed to hold on to the ball. The tag he got as high and lowed by to of the football players, but Thomas held on. He ended up being a mass on the ground but he held on to the ball. He had shown up and now he was done. The football players on both side he realized had set him up, they intended to play kill the nerd and he still managed to do a finger tip catch and pull it in.

He got a couple slaps on the back from some of the kids that understood how good of a play that was. Coach Warburton clapped and smiled. He had no clue and did not care. He had checked the box.

He leaned against the fence with Rob and talked about gaming. Rob had his phone out and Thomas watched. He snuck glances at the the cheerleaders and some of the other girls. He did watch the game with a little interest. A win would give them a little credit and his catch did help them score, so he would have a little credit. He wondered how Rob was getting out of getting pummled

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