Devil Or Angel?

"You and Jack sound so cute together, Ashley. And your story, it should be on Hallmark or something, for the reals!" she enthused.

Ashley: Oh bless your heart Blossom. You are such a sweetie. I am so happy we became friends. I am so looking forward to being on the squad with you.

Ashley blushed and smiled like an angel in love at Blossom for her kind words. She loved it when others acknowledged their relationship. It was her way of strengthening their relationship from a public perspective. She planned to kill with kindness and when her Jack was naughty, she would have to give him some tough love. In her mind it was perfectly normal to treat her man that way since she saw her mother do it all the time at home. Her mom kept her father on a tight leash since he was popular and constantly around other pretty women. So it only made sense to keep her Jack on a short leash to express her love for him, even if he played hard to get sometimes.

Taking it easy, still working on building trust and bringing their different cheer styles and experiences together, they didn't do anything too dangerous for stunts yet. Plus Ashley was a little distracted by her boyfriend which Blossom and some of the other girls were already happy for her about and a little envious, not too many of them had boyfriends yet.
When Ashley kissed Jack after his touchdown the whole squad surrounded her when she came back, sharing the moment of excitement and her budding romance that seemed so perfect seen from the outside with no clue of the hell she was putting Jack through.

Ashley was so excited when the girls crowded her after planting a kiss on Jack's cheek. They giggled like school girls over something so innocent and trivial. However in the world of a cheerleader romance was a big deal and so was juicy gossip. Ashley was giving them both in this moment. Even though she showed some affection for Jack in public she kept it innocent and didn't show off in a mean way. The fact that she encouraged the other girls to be happy as well only added fuel to the fire. of course

Elisa and her snobby friends from JV were slightly annoyed since they were still single, due to being very high maintenance. Sadly they were under the impression that being pretty and rich was enough to get any guy in school. This misunderstanding came to haunt them during their past freshman year. Since most guys were simple creatures and wanted a girlfriend who catered to their whims, the snobby girls found themselves overlooked by the same guys they wanted. The last thing any of those jocks wanted was to hear a snobby girl whine about how her nails got messed up at the salon. At the same time the nerdy unattractive boys who would suffer for a relationship with the snobby girls were looked down on as bugs before them. So basically they were their own worst enemy.

Ashley made sure she and her cheer friends avoided the negativity of the few snobby JV cheer girls. In order to build a positive world around her Ashley made sure to encourage others who needed it and give the jerks a chance to put their foot in their mouths. She was very gifted in that way which terrified poor Jack.

So as the game continued Ashley could see Jack was being scouted by Coach Warburton. By the expression on Jack's face she could see he was not the least bit interested in joining any sports. She did like the idea of cheering for him as he played sports, but she preferred him the way he was. She liked how he didn't try to pretend to be something he was not. He was her sweetheart and she was going to enjoy stealing kisses from him for the next four years. She was already planning to coax him to taking her to all the school dances and prom. Hec she already had the dresses in her closet for the occasion. And unknown to Jack she was already planning on joining him at the same college he picked or believed he picked. They were going to be a happy couple whether Jack liked it or not forever and ever. Just the mere thought of being with him made her smile glow like an angel.

So as Jack sighed at the idea of getting recruited by the coach he had no idea his future was being planned out for him by his stalker girlfriend. Granted he knew she was crazy and damn near broke his arm till he agreed to be her boyfriend, but he had no idea she was planning his future with her. if he did he would have run screaming in the night.


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