Better late than never

Eventually Jocelyn showed up to the game, in her gym kit but not playing. Tugging slightly on the bottom of her shorts trying hopelessly to get more length from the legs, before taking a seat beside her three new friends. "Well, how's game going?" she asked, looking at the teams, seeing the grossly uneven spread of players. Most of one team was nothing but jocks. A huge wall of meat against a team of papier mache.

"Why does that team only have one big guy one it?" she pointed out Dante. "Is that fair? How can they do that?" Jocelyn questioned them like he thinks they know.

Mean while on the field Dante smeared another jock who was going for a much smaller kid, and blasted finger guns at the coach. A sort of, 'this is what you get for cheating' gesture.

Eventually Coach Warbrurton came over, Jocelyn, Thomas and Blossom couldn't hear but the coach seemed be yelling and the boy just had a smirk on his face. The coach eventually gave up and went back to the side line.

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