Just another ghost

Running on the track he looked over at the football players and how all the girls watch them. He felt a little jealous. But he was not much of a sprinter and chasing a football just to get crushed by the other team did not appeal to Jonathan. Then he heard his time yelled out shit he thought 3 seconds off he picked up his pace to make up the time difference. As he rounded the curve of the track. He looked to see if anyone was watching him as he sprinted towards the finish line. thinking in the back of his mind another day as ghost. Pushed his body forward as he hit the line. he continued through and slowed as he went around the curve. He started his jog to cool down not his best time, but it would get him on varsity he hoped.

With Coach Warburton doing the football stuff he was stuck with Coach Callahan taking the times. As he jogs up to her, he could see she was unimpressed with his time. “Jonathan, I have seen better but you can work on it.” He was about to say something but his father voice in his head “there are no excuses it’s do or die trying.” Jonathan stopped “yes Coach, I will.” He replied. She wrote the time down on her clip bard. “Just remember you are here on a Scholarship in part” she said. I like I had to be remined of that it seemed if you were not rich you were treated differently. “Yes Coach” Jonathan said with some disdain. She looked at him sternly “I will give Coach Warburton your done for now” she said. Jonathan just turned and walked away thinking if she was trying to get to me that was a joke. My dad is a lot tougher than her. He knew also if he disrespected her his dad would punish him that would be unpleasant.

As he walked along the track pass the cheer team and other football players almost unnoticed. He thought its my first year here and the new kid in town. He was used to this roll he had been in that roll most of his life moving every two years has been hard. Traveling the world just getting back from Naples, Italy his dad spent that last three years there as the Command Master chief of Special Operations of Sixth Fleet. These guys have no idea what I have been through and being a military kid is like and your dad being a SEAL. He smiled just incase someone was looking. To hide the way, he was feeling.

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