Life Choices?

Jack was deeply annoyed as Coach Warburton tried to recruit him for any of the sports teams. He was talking in a positive manner and normally this would work on most students, but Jack was not a team player. Hec he had no friends either, which was a clear reason not to be in team sports. He dedicated his time to getting stronger and getting even with Ashley only to fail miserably. He didn't get how but she was even more terrifying as a girl than when he thought she was a boy. As he looked to the side he could see her looking at him with her charming smile.

Eventually Jocelyn showed up to the game, in her gym kit but not playing. Tugging slightly on the bottom of her shorts trying hopelessly to get more length from the legs, before taking a seat beside her three new friends. "Well, how's game going?" she asked, looking at the teams, seeing the grossly uneven spread of players. Most of one team was nothing but jocks. A huge wall of meat against a team of papier mache.
"Why does that team only have one big guy one it?" she pointed out Dante. "Is that fair? How can they do that?" Jocelyn questioned them like he thinks they know.
Mean while on the field Dante smeared another jock who was going for a much smaller kid, and blasted finger guns at the coach. A sort of, 'this is what you get for cheating'.

It was a big relief when the new girl began pointing out the huge difference in skill on the field. Even if Jack went back in it would only be him and the Hero (Dante) on the team who could play against the arrogant jocks. The only reason Jack even played was to appease Ashley so she would not punish him later on. As it was he had a small bruise behind his knee from where she pinched him at lunch.

Eventually Coach Warburton came over, Jocelyn, Thomas and Blossom couldn't hear but the coach seemed be yelling and the boy just had a smirk on his face. The coach eventually gave up and went back to the side line.

After seeing the Coach head off to talk to the Hero (Dante), Jack took the time to relocate so he could get away from the coach and his "pro jock" sales pitch. Jack made his way to the outside bathroom to avoid being seen for a while. He was seriously stressed out at this point and need alone time. He spent his entire middle school years avoiding others and training his body. He liked it when they avoided him because it meant he could focus on what he wanted to do. However everything changed now. He failed to get his revenge on her and now she was making him popular as her boyfriend.

He sat down behind the bathrooms hoping to be alone. It was nice to not have to talk to anyone or listen to their nonsense. He then closed his eyes and tried to relax as he leaned on the bathroom wall. He took several deep breaths to calm down as he closed his eyes. As each breath passed his through his mouth he felt the tension melting away. He ignored the game going on in the background and the cheering from the cheerleaders as he wanted to escape from reality. Then he heard a snicker in front of him.

As he opened his eyes he saw Ashley squatting before him with a devilish grin on her face as she watched him. He was not ready for that as his eyes looked down to her baggy shorts and caught a glimpse of her undies. Ashley gently lifted his head up to look at her as she smiled at him.

Ashley: No peeking Jack. Unless you plan on putting a ring on my hand.

Jack: Not happening Ash.

Ashley: Awwww Jack you know I like it when you play hard to get.

Jack: Why are you here?

Ashley: Well you looked troubled so I came to check up on you.

Jack: You are the reason I am troubled.

Ashley smiled at Jack as she leaned in closer and bit her bottom lip. Jack was nervous by what she was up to, but he couldn't move due to Ashley pushing his knees back towards his chest. Then she looked at him as if she was in control with a smile. He could feel a sense of fear as she applied more pressure on his knees with her iron grip.

Ashley: Now is that anyway to talk to your girlfriend?

Jack: (wince) You act like I had a choice in the matter. You made me agree to that.

Ashley gave him an unnerving sweet smile like she was up to something.

Ashley: You're still the cute little boy I fell in love with all those years ago.

Jack: It's not love.

Ashley: Oh come on Jack, when I am with you my heart smiles and I feel so happy.

Jack: You're crazy you know that?

Ashley: Crazy for you Jack.

Jack: Why me?

Ashley: Jack remember when you found me at the park after getting my note?

Jack: Yeah that's when I thought you were a guy.

Ashley: Understandable, but when you saw me practicing my cheers in my cute cheerleader outfit did you check me out?

Jack: That's before I knew who you were.

Ashley: So you admit you were attracted to me.

Jack: I told you that's before I...….

Ashley put a finger on his lips to shut him up.

Ashley: Let's count that as a yes. Now please be honest or I might have to show some tough love okay.

Jack nodded as he understood the reference all to clearly.

Ashley: Since we started dating I have noticed you checking me out when you thought I wasn't looking. Is that true?

Jack refused to answer her and winced as he felt her iron grip on his knees as she smiled ever so gently to him.

Jack: Yes. Okay yes.

Ashley eased up on her grip and continued to smile as she continued to talk.

Ashley: So you admit you are still attracted to me.

Jack: Its not my fault.

Ashley: True you are still a teenage boy who is chock full of uncontrollable hormones. So that means like all the other guys out there, you would date any girl willing to give you the time of day huh?

Jack: Of course not. I can control my urges.

Ashley raised her eyebrow and cocked her head to the side as she smiled at him.

Ashley: So how many other girls have you checked out since I became your girlfriend?

Jack realized she was the only one he had looked at since then and refused to answer.

Ashley applied more pressure to his knees till he answered her.

Jack: Fine..... just you. Alright? Are you happy now?

Ashley: Yes but one more question to prove my point and I want an honest answer.

Jack: Fine what is your question?

Ashley: What color were they?

Jack: Pink...….Oh crap!! What are we talking about again?

Ashley gave Jack a bright smile as she caught him red handed even though he tried to play it off.

Ashley: My my Jack. I caught you red handed sneaking a naughty peek. Now if you truly despised me as much as you say why would you bother to sneak a peek at my undies?

Jack realized he had no answer for that question. He half expected her to crush his knees again but instead she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

Ashley: That was for being honest with me. Now you did hurt my feelings a bit so I think you should make it up to me.

Jack: What now?

Ashley: Well I could ask for something unreasonable like a wedding proposal but I would be fine if you just ask me out to all the school dances and functions instead since we are a couple right?

Jack sighed as he realized he was played like a fiddle yet again.

Jack: How? I'm never going to win against you am I?

Ashley smiled as she caressed his cheek gently as if to patronize him.

Ashley: No but its so cute to see you try.

Jack: Fine. I'll play nice, but I still need alone time. You are mentally exhausting you know.

Ashley: Of course. Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries. I am not evil you know.

Jack: You're trying to bait me again. Behave.

Ashley grinned as she liked to toy with him.

Ashley: Well I think we should get back to the game Jack. I am sure we will be missed by now.

Jack: You go ahead I need to calm my nerves after you rattled them up.

Ashley: Okay but be a good boy and don't get in trouble or I might have to take you over my knee.

Jack blushed as she said that and looked away. Ashley was a bit shocked as she caught him in a an embarrassing situation.

Ashley: Easy tiger. Someone needs a time out.

Ashley then got up and headed back to the cheerleaders. Jack was glad to be alone again. It irked him that she was able to manipulate him again. It was scary how she could get in his head so easily. He rubbed his temples to help his headache go away. Then he popped his neck and stood up. After dusting himself off he sighed as he couldn't win against her. She's smart and hot, which made for a deadly combination. To make it even worse no one but him knew the real Ashley. In their eyes she was all Rainbows and Unicorns, so even if he tried to call her out he would make his situation worse. It sucked being attracted to your stalker.

Jack slowly made his way to the bleacher stands and sat by Justin who was taking a break as well. Justin smirked as Jack sat down.

Justin: I heard the coach was trying to pressure you to join the team.

Jack: Yeah. It's not my thing.

Justin: Relax Jack. There are worse things in life to worry about.

Jack looked at Ashley as she was cheering with the girls. She had a bright smile as always.

Jack: Tell me about it.

Justin saw Jack looking at Ashley and smirked.

Justin: Relax man. If you're worried she will dump you don't bother.

Jack: And you know this because?

Justin: Please Jack, while you are off in your little world she is constantly keeping tabs on you. If anything she is worried you might leave her.

Jack: Why am I not surprised.

Justin: You are lucky Jack. Not everyone has it so simple. Some of us have to struggle in that department.

Jack: Like you? Please you prolly have lots of girls into you.

Justin: If only it were that simple Jack. To bad I play for the other team.

Jack paused as he realized his roommate Justin just admitted to being gay for the first time. He was not sure how to respond and needed a second to process what just happened.

Justin: I bet you find that ironic huh?

Jack: To say the least....yeah. I didn't see that coming. Heck I apparently have been missing a lot of things lately that were right in front of me.

Justin: It happens. Usually when I tell others they freak out cause a commotion thinking I will turn them gay with some voodoo magic.

Jack: Sorry if didn't respond the right way. I have a lot on my mind right now.

Justin: Understandable. We all have days like that.

Jack: Normally I just work out when I have days like this to vent and stuff. What do you do?

Justin: Well sometimes I go shopping, but I also found that helping someone else out helps me realize that my problems aren't so big compared to others. When I realized I am not starving or getting abused or getting kicked out of the house or even strung out on drugs, I realize my problems are small compared to that stuff.

Jack: That's kinda deep.

Justin: Life isn't always fair Jack. I mean look at the team out there. Its obvious the jocks are ganging up on the other students even though its just a friendly game of flag football. And the coaches are letting it ride as if its a normal thing to do.

Jack: Yeah......oh speaking of which the three jocks that talked to us at lunch tried to keep me from going back to my room.

Justin: Judging by the lack of bruises did you solve it with words?

Jack: Naww I kicked two of them in the family jewels and scared the quarterback.

Justin chuckled as he imagined that.

Jack: What?

Justin: That explains why they were limping to the game when coach gave his big speech.

Justin then told Jack about what he missed since he came late to the game. Jack smirked as Justin managed to get his mind off his issues for a while. As they watched the game continue, Jack realized he had four more years of this crap and each person who came into his life was just going to make it more complicated. He wondered how he was going to keep his mind right till graduation.


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