Up Shorts and DownBlouses.

Rob was a red haired blue eyed all american boy. He would be popular with the girls if he just smiled. He had the lines, as they said. He had that classic gymnastic build. Thomas was a bit envious about that.

He watched the kid running for the coaches. He felt sorry the kid. He had a whole crowd of people watching him. He also got distracted. He was fast and had good form.

Thomas watched Jack disappear around the bathroom then Ashley a while later. He did not point it out to anyone. That was part of the "man code."

Jocelyn finally changed and showed up tugging on her shorts. Thomas waited for her to sit down, Then he leaned over to her and whispered to her, "Running shorts under the gym shorts. If you sit with you back against my side and your legs down the bench, you will be safe. Whatever you do, do not sit with your knees up." He pointed out girls wearing modesty shorts and a girl sitting by the pole with her knees up not realizing what people could see. He had the keen eye of a teen age voyeur. Well practiced and trained. There would be very few events that he would miss.

His eyes kept being drawn back to a girl that had a lot of bounce to her on the field. She was enjoying the attention that the older boys were giving her and she would twist so they would get a handful of her at times and giggle. His team was enjoying it too as they kept giving her the ball to run. That would have been enough to get Thomas to go back onto the field. But she was on his team, and groping your own team mates was not allowed.

He pulled out the book and started reading. Well, looking like he was reading.

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