Looking in

Walking through the chain-link gate up the stairs to the stadium. Jonathan (JD) seeping on the benches going up the bleachers. Likening the view of the girls on the way up check out their curves and out lines thinking on how they would look. He felt like he did not even get noticed him there. He stops and picks up a black Nike gym bag sets it in front of him. his black and white Adidas string bag next to it he switches out his track shoes. He opens his Nike bag take and put a bottle of water and Gatorade and places them side by side pulls out a towel and wipes him self off. taking his phone and earbuds stets his music up and puts his earbuds in. sitting back he looks at the field and the others playing.” At lest in this school most of the girls were good looking but not like the European girls that were a little bit more liberal in their dress and what they showed off that he would miss. He thought of the topless beaches and want the guys here are missing.

He watched as the boys were playing with one of the girls. JD wondered if she knew what she was going to get in to. He wishes he was there to playing with her. it would be nice to have a girlfriend more than a few months. Hell, friends for more than a year or two. What would he do with longtime friends? There was not much kids his age at the last station it was cool to hang out with the SEAL team but still it was like having 5 big brothers. Watching them train was amazing. Training sometimes with them was fun. Now his hole life changed and felt so out of place with these here at this school.

People here have know idea of what he has seen and been though how he can field strip most guns. The knife and CQCT (Close quarters combat training) training and running two miles on the beach swimming a mile in the morning with his dad. The people on the team that died and how he felt the loss and how his dad was tormented by it. JD wondered if he was even normal. He looks around hoping someone would come and say something to him. But way would they I am just other weird out sider in the school. Well the sun was out, and it was a great day at least.

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