(Day 5 - Saturday- set build Beach party)

Conner looked over to JD who was starting at Rose. Conner positioned the brace to the prop and clamped it down, then looked up. He looked over to Rose Lance was talking to her. JD looked frustrated but did not look like he was going over to start trouble JD was just keeping a close eye on Lance. like a tiger watching his prey. Conner shook his head and laugh some.

Meanwhile Ashley and Blossom were working with two cheerleaders on adding decorations on a display. Ashley then noticed they were going to be short on the decorations. So they all made their way to the supply station to get a few more boxes of supplies. Seeing a few small boxes ready to use, Ashley gave them by to Blossom so she could get started, while they searched for the right boxes needed.

Then Ashley got distracted as she saw Jack working alone assembling some kind of stand or frame. She then came from behind him and Hugged him gently. Jack shivered as he felt Ashley pressed up against his back.

Ashley: You were looking to sexy working on whatever this is, so I couldn’t help myself.

Jack: You know it’s hard to work with you distracting me like this.

Ashley: What part of me do you find distracting?

Jack: Obviously your boo.......

Jack then realized he almost spoke his mind out loud and paused to change his answer.

Jack: Uhhhhh........ I mean you leaning on me.

Ashley: Am I to heavy?

Jack stopped and sighed as he looked down in defeat. He had to choose his words wisely if he didn’t want to be punished by Ashley later on.

Jack: No.........but you are distracting.

Ashley: What part of me is distracting?

Jack: All of you.

Ashley: Oh well aren’t you Mr. Romantic?

Jack moaned as he was unable to work under this condition and Ashley was not letting him go.

He walked over to get some more clamps. He saw Blossom carrying some small boxes of prop supplies. He smiled and walked over to her "Need help?" he asked. Not waiting for an answer picks a few boxes up "Where are they going?" he askedy

Blossom was a bit shocked as Conner helped her out before she could speak up. She was not planning to ask for help but received anyway. As she looked at Conner she wondered if he was just being a nice guy or was he flirting with her. Since she was new to being with city boys and dating she didn’t know where she stood with him.

Blossom: Thank you ummm...... Conner right? Umm that way. We are decorating that thing over there.

Blossom was trying to make a simple conversation but was not sure what to talk about. So she said the first thing she thought of.

Blossom: So where did you learn to dance?


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