Lance and what trouble?

(Day 5 - Saturday- set build Beach party)

Conner looked over to JD who was starting at Rose. Conner positioned the brace to the prop and clamped it down, then looked up. He looked over to Rose Lance was talking to her. JD looked frustrated but did not look like he was going over to start trouble JD was just keeping a close eye on Lance. like a tiger watching his prey. Conner shook his head and laugh some.

He walked over to get some more clamps. He saw Blossom carrying some small boxes of prop supplies. He smiled and walked over to her "Need help?" he asked. Not waiting for an answer picks a few boxes up "Where are they going?" he asked.


JD had been watching Rose all morning. All he could think about was holding her in his arms and kissing her. He fantasized about how that kiss would go. He saw lance try to be covert walking and talking to Rose. JD looked over to Elena who was watching too. He looked over now and then as Rose and Lance talked he could not hear exactly what was said but Roses's face show self-control. JD waited for Lance to leave He walked over to Rose "hay good looking, how is it going?" he asked with a comforting smile. "I saw Lance was over here. Are you good?" he asked.


Lance walked up to Elana he was visibly not happy. "How did go? she asks him with a cute smile. But she already knew the answer. "Bad, she would not take the bate," said Lance frustrated. "It's ok honey give it time," she said walking up to him and giving him a hug and a kiss. As one of the nerds walk by "Get a room" he commented. Lace shot a look at him of death. The nerd started to walk real fast away. Elena put her hand on his face making him look at her. "Don't worry about him. I am sure our plan will work in time. I know JD's weaknesses and we can start to work on them." she said reassuring him. "I think it would have better but I had to wait for Sam not to be so close to Rose," he said letting out a sigh.

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