In The Background

The four girls giggled at their plans for the future. Ashley was smiling as she wondered why Jack hid this information from her. She wondered how she could use that to help her win him over later on. She knew he was warming up to her since his body was responding to her.

During breakfast, there was an announcement that the musical theater kids would be doing the opening number for the talent show and they needed help with the setup, props, and costumes. They already had these things but they had taken old ones from the theater dept. to use and those might need some touch-ups or things done to them. The more people they had helping the quicker it would be done.

Because of the number of volunteers they said they could start on it later in the morning and be done before lunch which would still give plenty of beach time during the day.

Being part of the cheerleaders Ashley, Blossom and the two other cheerleaders volunteered to help the musical theater kids set up. Of course since she found it wickedly amusing, she even volunteered her boyfriend Jack to help as well, since he was not doing anything important. Then the girls cleaned up and get ready to help out.

Poor Jack of course was not amused by this but Justin offered to help as well since this was well within his wheelhouse of skills. Jack groaned as he reluctantly agreed since Justin was going to help. If he bailed he would feel like a tool in public which was not cool in anyone's eyes. Jack sighed as he followed Justin to where the volunteers were meeting at.

Of course poor Jack was caught off guard by Ashley's arm holding his waist as she approached from behind. He looked at her with a startled expression as saw her wicked smile before she lowered her hand and goosed his backside. He almost squealed when she squeezed his hind quarter and this made her giggle as she kissed him on the cheek and whispered into his ear.

Ashley: Down tiger.

Jack was feeling a bit like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs at this point. Of course Ashley lifted her hand back to his waist before anyone could see what was going on. As Jack looked around he noticed no one was looking at them since the volunteers were being assigned areas to help out in. When he tried to move away from Ashley he could feel her grip tighten on his waist and pull him back to her side. That was a subtle sign that he was her property and would be punished if he pushed his luck.

Luckily Jack got a break when Justin asked for his help with the heavy lifting stuff. Ashley kissed his cheek before letting him go and smiled as he was nervously walking away. Then she turned to Blossom and the other two cheerleaders to discuss what they were going to do.

As Jack walked by he saw several other students helping out such as Kyle, Rose, JD, Sam and even Lance and Elena. Granted he could care less about Lance since he was jerk who believed he was all that and hot snot on a silver platter, when in fact he was just a cold booger on a paper plate in the end. Jack believed Lance had the charm and warmth of a snow pea so he ignored him as he and Justin passed them by. It wasn't long before Justin and Jack were moving the heavy stuff to help set up.

Justin noticed Kyle working on his set from a distance and was wondering if they would get a chance to chat again. He did like their talk and felt they had a bit of chemistry, be it as friends of more. Jack on the other hand could care less what everyone was doing so long as they left him out of it.


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