A Storm Brewing

Blossom: So where did you learn to dance?

Conner: Well, Humm... TV, friends, choir, and other Grils. Tonight JD and I might show off more. If the ground was not sandy I would try two-step I learned it this summer and a few line dances. But I don't think I am good at it. I liked dancing with you it was fun and you are cute. You will learn how to dance here as well. I am sure Ashley could show you more than me.
He placed the boxes on the ground
Buy the way can you two-step in the sand?

Blossom shrugged at Conner. Back home the idea of going to the beach was just fantasy in her head. The closest thing to sand they had was a dusty dirt section made for the rodeo or breaking horses. Of course dancing on dirt was pretty easy as long as the dust didn't get to bad on a windy day. Since the population was barely over 20,000 and focused on agriculture, the entertainment in the area was limited.

Blossom: Dunno. We don't have a lot of sand back on Dot. Montana since its land locked.

Blossom then opened up the boxes.

Blossom: Thanks for the help Conner.

Hoping he would hang around she tried to keep the conversation going.

Blossom: Back home in Dot, Montana we don't have much in the way of entertainment like here. We have school events like games, parades, Prom, Homecoming and fund raisers which seems to be the same here, but we also have rodeos, barn dances and the closest thing to a beach we have is Dot Lake. I'm sure all that sounds kinda boring to you all here huh?

Blossom's hand was nervously shaking as she pulled out some of the decorations from the boxes and looked at them while hoping Conner would give her a favorable response.


Meanwhile Justin was helping out as he eyed up Kyle from a distance. He was considering the possibility a possible relationship in the future. Unfortunately being a suave good looking guy he tended to attract the girls around him. Some would flirt while asking for help. Sadly they believed they could charm Justin not knowing he played for the other team.


Back at the other side, Jack was setting up a frame to add to the set with Huntley Ritter and some of the other guys since it was heavy lifting. After finishing it they took a break to drink some bottle water. Ashley was still looking through boxes with the cheerleaders for decorations as she eyed Jack and enjoying the view. Then Charlie and Joey decided to pay Ashley and the cheerleaders a visit.

Joey: Hello ladies. Need a hand?

Charlie: What up?

Ashley and cheerleaders looked at Joey and Charlie trying to act smooth while hitting on them. The two cheerleaders looked at Ashley to see what she was going to say.

Ashley: No but I hear they need some big strong men to help with the heavy lifting.

Joey: Oh come on Bendinger. Don't you need a big strong man instead of that loser.

Ashley raised an eyebrow at Joey before she gave him a devilish smile as she slowly stood up . She looked at the other two cheerleaders who seemed concerned about what was going to happen.

Ashley: And who would you consider to be better than my Jack?

Charlie: Well us.

Joey: Of course. You can have your pick of guys here. Why settle for that weak Scholarship loser?

Ashley rubbed her chin as she had a sinister thought in her mind.

Ashley: Weak huh? So are you implying you both are stronger than my Jack?

Charlie flex his big arms and grinned at Ashley.

Joey: Of course. We are top athletes at this school.

Joey posed in a suave manner like a model.

Charlie: Girls just love my gun show.

Joey: So what do ya say Benddinger?

Ashely: Funny that you say that.

Joey: What do you mean?

Ashley: Well a little bird told me you already tried already tired to get Jack to dump me before.

Joey: What?

Charlie: Huh?

Ashley: And that same little bird told me that my Jack managed to take three of you down with no problem. So..........if you claim that Jack is weak........what does that make you?

Ashley acted coy and seductively put her pointer right finger on her lips as if she was contemplating something.

Charlie: That bird is a liar!!

Charlie sounded nervous as he crossed his legs as his body remembered the pain from Jack's quick kick to his family jewels.

Joey: Hey!

Joey calmed down Charlie before he spoke up in a higher pitched voice.

Ashley: Oh?

Joey: We don't know what you are talking about.

Ashley: Oh really now? Because as I was told.........

Joey cut her off hoping to change the topic.

Joey: No need to be a frigid bitch!

Ashely: Queen.

Joey: What?

Ashley: Its Queen Bitch to you losers.

Ashley then leaned over to pick up a jar of glitter.

Charlie: Huh?

Joey: Wait!

Ashley: I know your poor brains are overwhelmed by your big egos and hormones, but let me spell this out for you clearly. If you come between Jack and I again.....I might have to remove your man cards along with your manhood and stuff them into a little jar.

Ashley had a sweet but evil smile as she spoke to Joey and Charlie and showed them the jar. This made both boys nervous as their voices cracked a bit.

Charlie: I?.....

Joey: Wait?....

Ashley: Now why don't the both of you run along and do something useful with your so called muscles.

Charlie was considering standing up to Ashley but Joey stopped him as he muttered.

Joey: Dude not here.

Charlie: Why she?......

Joey: We can't mess with the cheerleaders bro.

Charlie: Oh....oh yeah.

Ashley: Well now you boys have a nice day.

Ashley: Pretended to act nice as she had an evil look in her eyes.

Joey had to remind Charlie that if they pissed off any of the cheerleaders it would hurt the whole team in the dating pool. They were better off avoiding Ashley. After the they left Ashley looked at the two nervous cheerleaders and spoke up.

Ashley: If they give you any grief just let me know. As a cheerleader we can ruin their rep in a heartbeat. So put on a brave face and be proud girls. The two cheerleaders respected and admired Ashley for being a strong woman.

Cheerleader 1: You know I thought it was just a rumor that they went after Jack but it turned out to be true.

Cheerleader 2: No kidding. Your Jack took three guys out just like that.

Ashley: I know he comes off as a shy grouch, but my there is much more to my Jack. I hope you girls will find a guy who makes your heart smile one day to.

The girls giggled as they talked about their ideal guy. Since they were not in a big hurry they looked through the boxes and continued their girl talk. Meanwhile a very upset Charlie and Joey were walking away to cool down. They were upset that Ashley called them out in public and wanted to get some revenge against her but sadly they lacked the brain power to come up with something good. Then Joey got the idea to ask Lance to get Elena to take questionable pictures of Ashley in the locker room so they could embarrass her later on. Of course they wanted copies for themselves as well. So they hurried to Lance to ask for his help.


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