Lights, Camera, Some Action.

Dante sat his guitar on its stand. It wasn't the one anyone had seen it was new shiny and fancy, though the only 'off' thing about it was black marker writing on the body.

"Maybe not karma." he said. "Close though." he said turning to face her, and taking his glasses off the neck of his worn-out shirt. "But, he's getting what's coming to him." he said in a hush, "but hope it doesn't ruin other peoples projects." Dante commented. "I suppose given the circumstances the teachers would cut the others a break for not having their stuff here with Douglas driving like an idiot."

Melissa nodded. When Dante mentioned that Doug was getting what was coming to him; she didn't say anything not sure she wanted the boy to explain if he meant more than a flat tire.

"Yeah, that wouldn't be good." She didn't want to ruin anyone's performance but at the same time, it was in between being a little satisfied at Doug's current predicament and being worried about what kind of mood he'll be in when he gets back.

"That's nice." She said nodding towards the guitar and really not wanting to talk about Doug. "Is it new?" Though clearly, it was, she was trying to make small talk.

JD looked over at Lance and Elena too. "It is Elena she is always up to something. Buy the way, Full discloser I want you to know if you did not already Elena is one of my X girlfriends from a long time ago. She is a military brat like me are dads worked together for years. I don't trust her or what she could be up to. Just question everything they say it is what's safe." JD said with a big crafty smile. He looks back at Lance his smile disappears. "If Lance gives you a hard time let me know I will deal with him," said JD looking back a Rose.

Rose listened to JD, she wasn't overly surprised that Elena was always up to something. Some girls always seem to be plotting and scheming things but why was that thing revolved around her? Rose was a little surprised when JD said the two had dated. She looked over at Elena and back at JD wondering a little how long "a long time ago" could be when they were only Sophomores in high school. She wasn't jealous just curious but decided not to ask, at the moment.

She smiled at JD. "I will but I don't think Lance will be approaching me anytime soon. I think I might have surprised him too much with my response." Which could easily be true as almost everyone in the school only knew Rose one way and that wasn't the way she had responded to Lance.


Meanwhile Justin was helping out as he eyed up Kyle from a distance. He was considering the possibility of a possible relationship in the future. Unfortunately being a suave good-looking guy he tended to attract the girls around him. Some would flirt while asking for help. Sadly they believed they could charm Justin not knowing he played for the other team.

"Kyle, could you help us over here?" One of the freshman girls who Kyle barely knew had run over, flashed a smile at him, asked him, and then took his arm leaving him little choice but to help the group of girls. "We need someone a bit stronger than us to do this one thing, then you can go back to filming." They were clearly flirting with him but he just let it go. A stubborn screw wasn't quite going in where it needed to and he was just strong enough to make it happen. He made quick work of it, the girls thanked him and he picked his camera back up, filmed the girls a little, to make them happy, and went on his way.

From behind the camera, he saw some of the football players talking to Ashley and some of the cheerleaders. Conner helping out Blossom. Matt was helping move stuff and Courtney helping fix things. He had seen Rose and JD talking which put a smile on his face; he knew he had little to do with that but it was nice to know he helped a little. Sam was taking photos and Kyle, who had seen, the exchange between Lance and Rose had noticed Sam watching it as well. Between. Sam and JD, Rose was well protected but the girl seemed to get rid of Lance herself. He stopped filming and put down the camera when he saw Melissa and Dante talking. Talk about how Doug and Melissa always seemed to be fighting was getting around. He had seen a little of it himself and he wasn't about to add fuel to whatever was going on with them.

He picked his camera back up and saw more people like the nerds with April and Zander and Dawn helping with something. Lance and Elena and it went on. Then his camera caught sight of Justin, he wasn't really sure what the other boy was working on but it didn't matter, Justin was suave and good looking and had a natural manner about him that made Kyle want to focus on him more. or maybe that was just him. Justin had been on his mind even more lately. He had noticed the girls were attracted to Justin; like they were to him but for different reasons. Kyle came across as a little more of a rebel, a bad boy type though he wasn't that at all. Kyle was also contemplating a possible future relationship with Justin and wondered about the possibility. At some point their conversation would have to go beyond museums and music and such things, he didn't know when that would be but he had a feeling it would happen. He walked around a little, filming here and there, there were things to figure out but not right now. He ended up in front of Justin and put the camera down. "Hey," he smiled. "How's it going?" Kyle wouldn't be able to talk long as he needed to get in more filming but figured at least he could say hello to the other boy.

Kaylee had helped with the cheerleaders but then some of the skaterbarders had showed up and she had been led away to help them, The girl had quickly become a floater going between the group of friends her brother hung out with, the cheerleaders and the skaters. She was just like that and tended to get along with various groups.

After helping them awhile, Dawn had asked for her help with the lighting and the two became stand ins for the various acts so the nerds to test to see if the lighting was accurate.

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