Lower Brain Freeze

Kyle said to both Dawn and Justin. "You both can just watch what I do, first and then I'll work individually with each of you. If you look out at the people going into the surf they are on their stomachs. That's how you start is on your stomach, you use your arms to get to the waves, then you'll go up to your knees, and then when you're ready you'll go to standing." He proceeded to show them what he meant by demonstrating it on the beach, on his surfboard. "Dawn you can try first"

Justin simply nodded and smiled at Dawn. Then Justin backed off a bit as he was next to Kyle and listening to his instructions. He found what Kyle said to be educational and at the same time he was admiring the Kyle's well toned body. He wondered if he would one day put sun block on that back in the future.

Dawn proceeded to get on the surfboard laying down and she went to kneeling, when she got to standing her helped her position herself correctly. It was several times of practicing those moves. When Kyle said "Ok, that's the basics. Now, it's time to try it in the water. " She lasted about 15 minutes and then said she wanted a break. When they got out[ of the water, he told her she should rinse off on the outside shower and take off the wet suit, she had a bathing suit on underneath. She could do more later if she wanted but it could get really hot in the wet suit.

He then turned to Justin. "So, are you still up for this?"

Justin smiled at Kyle and nodded as he replied, "Sure am. By the looks of it if I don't follow what you said I will flip really fast. Justin then got on the surfboard and spoke up, "I am in your capable hands now."


"Oh, I hear Montana is beautiful," Kaylee said. "Well, I hope you're having fun then." She was used to the beach but knew not everyone had had that opportunity. "Surfing shouldn't be that hard for you. You already must have balance because you have to be on people's shoulders and being a flyer you have to be coordinated, those are the two things that help the most." She tried to explain the things Blossom might need to know. "You just have to get used to the idea that the ocean is less predictable than standing on a person and to not try to fight it if you get thrown off. It's better to go with the water that against it." Kaylee pointed out someone surfing in the water that obviously knew what they were doing. "See there, that girl, she is pretty good. With enough practice, it's not that hard to get that good." Her focus back to Blossom. "So, if you're ready to learn we can get started but if you need a few more minutes that's fine."

Blossom smiled as she nodded at Kaylee. Blossom replied, "Thank you for helping. I'll give it a try when Justin is done. Blossom then talked to Kaylee a bit more about surfing and gymnastics. Apparently Kaylee had a lot of experience in travel and world culture.


Back at the beach Ashley and Jack were watching everyone learning to surf. Jack was somewhat bored and wanted to chill, but Ashley held his hand to keep him from leaving. Then after a while she saw someone with some ice cream and she gave Jack a wicked smile.

Jack: Oh man what do you want now?

Ashley: What makes you think you I want something?

Jack: Really?

Jack gave Ashley a condescending look. Ashley giggled before she replied.

Ashley: Okay you win. I want ice cream.

Jack: Ice cream? Sure whatever.

Ashley: Really? You are fine with that?

Jack: Well its hot. Blame it on the sun.

Ashley then held Jack's hand as they made their way to the ice cream truck. Once there, Jack got a double choco-mint scoop on a waffle cone and Ashley got a single scoop of lime sherbet. Then they sat at a small table with an umbrella to enjoy their ice cream. Jack was casually enjoying his ice cream while ignoring Ashley but then he felt something was wrong. He looked at Ashley to see her smiling at him while making suggestive gestures with her ice cream. Jack dropped his jaw and slightly resembled the all you can eat sushi at the nearby Bene Lamas Sushi Bar. He knew he needed to stop looking as he felt a tingling in his belly and below, but he couldn't stop looking at her. Ashley was in good spirits as she thoroughly teased Jack for a spell while making suggestive inclinations while eating her ice cream. Jack began to shake in fear, lust and nervousness. I was afraid that he was going to cave in one day when Ashley wanted to move their relationship to the next stage. He needed to get his mind straight but he knew Ashley would not let him collect his thoughts.

Jack: Be nice Ash. There are others here.

Ashley: And? You're mine and they should know that.

Jack sighed as he accidently crushed his waffle cone in his hand from his high stress levels.

Jack: Great.

Then the ice cream spilled on his lap and he was shocked by the sudden chill in the middle of his lap. Ironically the cold helped Jack calm down a bit but now he had an ice cream stain on his suit. Ashely giggled as she looked at his swimsuit and finished her ice cream.

Ashley: Oh my Jack you are messy.

Jack: Thanks a lot Ash.

Ashley: Sorry Jack I guess I went to far. How about we go swimming and you can wash it off in the ocean.

Jack: Fineeeeeee.

Then the two went back to the ocean to cool off and wash up.


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