Boy and volleyball the challenge

(Day 5 - Saturday- later in the afternoon volleyball court)

"Damn. Really? That's great, I mean it's great right?" Matt said with a slight smirk.

"Of course. It did, sort of, slip out but I meant it." Heath looked around for a moment, he nodded towards Conner and JD. "It looks like those two might be looking to play some volleyball."

"Let's go find out." Matt said.
Matt and Heath walked over to JD and Conner.


JD and conner Looked at Matt and Heath as they walk up. JD laughed some. "Perfect timing guys we were just looking for you. Now that we have the best guys on the beach." he looked over to the girls that were coming over now "and the luckiest. Like to play Volleyball with us?" he asked. Just before they answer and he could see they were about to say yes. JD smiled "because I already signed us up. You dont want me to look bad do you?" he said with a smirk.

JD looks as Rose sits to watch with Sam and others He smiles and takes off his shirt. He walks over to them. "Rose, hold on to this for me?" he asks softly and nicely. She'd smile at him saying "sure." He smiled at her "thanks, be back sortly." He replied.

Conner looked around he saw Kylee but did not see Blossom right away. He thought of asking one of them to hold his shirt but wanted to stay neutral for now. He really did not know what to do with this problem of the two girls. Being single was hard at times. He could just throw it and see if a girl caught it. If no one did he would look stupid. but that could bring its own problems. He just tucked into the back of his shorts. "Lets do this guys!" he yelled.


Lance was walking along the beach heading back to Elena when he spotted JD, Conner, Matt, and Heath talking by the sand volleyball court. He was going to show JD who was the best. he looked around he got a few other rich kids to form a team and signed in. He shot a look to JD of you suck.

Elena looked over to see Lance signing in she walked up with others to the side. she was standing near the other girls. She sighed "This isnt Time lance." she mumbled. she smiled and gave a wink to Lance as he started to get his team together. Lance gave a big smile and wink back at her.

He almost did not want to play Volleyball he would like to be holding her she was looking so good in the bikini. she looked down at her top then looked at Lance he realized what he was starting at. He turned red then looked away. Elena giggled some shook her head some "boys" she mumbled.

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