How Something Can Say So Much

(Beach party. Surf Lessons)

He then turned to Justin. "So, are you still up for this?"

Justin smiled at Kyle and nodded as he replied, "Sure am. By the looks of it if I don't follow what you said I will flip really fast. Justin then got on the surfboard and spoke up, "I am in your capable hands now."

Kyle proceeded to teach Justin about surfing. Maybe, being a bit more hands-on than with Dawn but nothing too obvious, it would just look like he was teaching him to surf. There was a good ten minutes of this before switching to Blossom. Once he taught them both the basics, he would take them one at a time in the water.

Blossom smiled as she nodded at Kaylee. Blossom replied, "Thank you for helping. I'll give it a try when Justin is done. Blossom then talked to Kaylee a bit more about surfing and gymnastics. Apparently Kaylee had a lot of experience in travel and world culture.

Kaylee found Blossom to be nice, sweet and innocent. It was cool to meet someone like her because so few girls were like that. The two talked until it was Blossom's time to learn to surf from Kyle at which point Kaylee left them to it and took her own board out onto the water. She got some surfing in before noticing the volleyball game starting.

(Volleyball game. Takes place after surf lessons.)

JD and conner Looked at Matt and Heath as they walk up. JD laughed some. "Perfect timing guys we were just looking for you. Now that we have the best guys on the beach." he looked over to the girls that were coming over now "and the luckiest. Like to play Volleyball with us?" he asked. Just before they answer and he could see they were about to say yes. JD smiled "because I already signed us up. You dont want me to look bad do you?" he said with a smirk.

JD looks as Rose sits to watch with Sam and others He smiles and takes off his shirt. He walks over to them. "Rose, hold on to this for me?" he asks softly and nicely. She'd smile at him saying "sure." He smiled at her "thanks, be back sortly." He replied.

Conner looked around he saw Kylee but did not see Blossom right away. He thought of asking one of them to hold his shirt but wanted to stay neutral for now. He really did not know what to do with this problem of the two girls. Being single was hard at times. He could just throw it and see if a girl caught it. If no one did he would look stupid. but that could bring its own problems. He just tucked into the back of his shorts. "Lets do this guys!" he yelled.

The girls had noticed the guys getting ready to play volleyball and took two beach blankets putting them on the ground to sit and watch and have enough room for others to sit with them. Kaylee seeing this decided to join them and took a seat. Kaylee watched as JD gave his shirt to Rose, Heath gave his to Sam, and Matt tossed his shirt to Courtney, who caught it, but what was the most telling was that Conner didn't give his shirt to anyone. No, he shoved it in his back pocket. Which made Kaylee even more convinced he probably liked not only her but someone else and she was pretty sure that someone was Blossom, after what she had seen during the setup. She didn't really know if she should go over and take his shirt from him to hold it. Was that too much? Normally, she would have done just that, for a guy she liked, but Blossom was making it hard for her to do so. Blossom was just so nice and innocent and that was leaving Kaylee in a bad position because she didn't want to upset the other girl but she didn't want it to seem like she wasn't interested either. She didn't like using what she knew about getting guys against the other girl, it seemed mean, too mean. Besides, Kaylee wasn't a claws out, he's mine, kind of girl anyway but still she wanted to do something.

Courtney watched Conner look around and then he seemed to think before shoving his shirt in his back pocket. She shook her head, ran over to Matt, and said something to him. that only he could hear, he then responded to whatever it was. She then went over to Conner but before she could say anything Kaylee came over to Conner.

Kaylee had changed her mind in a split second and was suddenly over by Conner. "If you want I can hold your shirt." That left it up to him.

Courtney watched this interaction for a moment so Conner could still decide against choosing one girl over the other and just hand her the shirt if he wanted.

The game was set up and the serve was made, it was on.

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