Tighting The Leash

Jack's poor head was still aching as he rubbed his temples in hopes of some kind of relief.

Jocelyn saw him rubbing his temples and rummaged in her small sports bag before pulling out a small white bottle, and knocking two pills out.
"Hey." she tapped him on the shoulder. "These'll help." she held out a hand with two blueish-green gel caps. "For your headache." she added. "I get'em a lot so I know the feeling, they're for tension ones and you look tense AF." She bounced them in her palm seeming like she wasn't going to take no for an answer. "From the looks of it you'll need them."

Jack was a bit taken back when Jocelyn interrupted him and offered him two pills he had never seen before. During his time growing up he a few accidents and needed some first aid from his mom. She usually gave him something for the pain so he began to recognize the bottle, labels and pill designs. However he did not recognize the two pills Jocelyn was offering him. Sadly because of Ashley tormenting him as a kid and now manipulating him as a teen, his trust levels with females was very low.

As it was he already had two crazy females in his life making him do stuff he didn't want to. Olivia was a rich b!tch who treated him like a slave, but since she paid him well he put up with it for now. As for Ashley, well she claimed she loved him but didn't have a hard time torturing him when he said no to her. It was hard to believe that underneath her sweet smile and small frame she was stronger than he was and her grip felt like iron. He would not be surprised if she could crush a coconut in her hand and frankly her idea of love scared the hell out of him. So as tempting as it was for him to take the two pills from Jocelyn, the scared little boy inside him was telling him it was a trap.

She bounced them in her palm seeming like she wasn't going to take no for an answer. "From the looks of it you'll need them."
JD thought on what had happen and what he has seen with Jack and Ashley and was not sure if he could do anything for him. Love can be so ruff. Remember his dad talking about psychological warfare and some book or was it a manual and wondered if Ashly had read it. seeing if he wanted a bottle of water “Jack, hang in there. I am sure its not that bad at least she cute, and some time scary. In the end she just wants your heart and mind for herself” said JD not sure if that would help at all.

Jack looked at the pills and then at JD as they were trying to help him. As it was he barely knew the two them and he wasn't sure but he could swear he saw Jocelyn before, but since Ashley overwhelmed him all the time he had forgotten where he met her. Seeing as Jocelyn was not taking no for an answer he took the pills from her but kept them in his hand since he was not sure what they were.

Jack: Ummm…… thanks. I'll keep that in mind. (sigh)

The game was winding down and Coach dismissed the girls from the sidelines. Most everyone scattered towards their backpacks to retrieve their phones, thumbs mashing away at them as they caught up on everything they'd missed.

Ashley smiled brightly as she waved off her cheer friends. She bounced happily as she made her way to Jack. As she got closer she saw Jack talking to Jocelyn and Jonathan. She quickly recognized Jocelyn from her date with Jack at the Golden Arches and JD from the jock group since he was less social than Joey and his friends. Granted Jocelyn was a bit on the cute side, her body was not as well built as Ashley's was so she was hardly a threat since she had been conditioning Jack to only look at her in a pervy way. She quickly sat next to Jack and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then she smiled at Jocelyn and JD as she took Jack's water bottle and drank from it. Jack was both shocked and awe by her taking and drinking his water as if it was a normal thing to do.

Ashley: Thanks Jack I really needed that.

Ashley kissed him on the cheek again to mess with him. She had already seen Jocelyn hand Jack something and was very curious but knew better than to loose her cool. She kept his water bottle in her hand since she was still thirsty and to remind Jack she was in charge of their relationship.

Jack: Don't you have to help clean up or something?

Ashley: Of course I do silly.

Ashley nudged Jack with her shoulder as she drank from his bottle again. Then she looked at him with a big grin.

Ashely: That's why I came go get my big strong man to help me.

Jack realized she wanted him to carry the heavy stuff for her and if he refused her, it was going to cost him. He was tempted to out her in front of Jocelyn and JD, but knowing how devilish she was it was only a matter of time before she turned the tables on him again like she did with his parents.

Jack: That's it? Just carry stuff? Nothing else?

Ashley dropped her jaw smiling as if Jack was implying something bad.

Ashley: Of course silly. I hope you weren't thinking of something naughty.

Jack blushed as he realized she made him look like a perv in front of the others. If he pushed his luck she would only make it worse. He scowled like usual with his grumpy face and sighed before getting up.

Jack: Fine. Whatever.

Ashley looked at Jocelyn and JD as she smiled and waved at them as she got up with Jack.

Ashley: Thanks for keeping my grumpy Jack company. He gets shy when it comes to making friends, but he is a sweetheart deep down inside.

Then she casually grabbed his hand holding the pills and held onto it as they walked off to where the jocks were cleaning up. Once they were away from Jocelyn and JD Ashley leaned in to kiss his check as she spoke softly and squeezed his hand.

Ashley: What did she give you Jack?

Jack flinched as he felt her iron grip on his hand and her gentle lips on his cheek. Knowing it was a losing situation he confessed to her.

Jack: Pills for my headache.

Ashley then gently took the pills from him while holding his hand and gazed into his eyes. Then she lovingly fixed his hair by his ear as she smiled at him.

Ashley: Were you really planning on taking these strange pills?

Jack: No. I don't recognize them and I'm past my limit on dealing with crazy girls.

Ashley: Good. I worry about you, you know?

Jack: You have a messed up way of showing it Ash.

Ashley caressed his cheek gently as she smiled affectionately at him. Jack couldn't deny that when she was like this she was indeed beautiful, which only added to his confusion and fear of her.

Ashley: I know baby, but one does crazy things for love.

Jack: You know there are times when I almost believe you when you say that stuff.

Ashley: And then?

Jack: Then you damn near break my bones and I realize you are pure evil.

Ashley giggled at Jack then kissed his hand gently.

Ashley: You're so silly Jack. Don't you know all girls are crazy when it comes to things they love? Ever noticed you dad caving into your mom's demands?

Jack then realized several occasions his father became a coward to his mom and other example of men and boys bowing in shame as they did what their wives or girlfriends wanted. Since he avoided relationships he had more time to observe like an outsider with no interaction. In the past he blew it off believing they were just weak. However now it was all making sense. All girls were like this and it scared the crap out of him. Sure he didn't care about making friends or dating girls, but since Ashley was very determined to make him hers, he knew he was in big trouble.

Jack: Why me? I never asked for this. You beat me up when we were kids and now you tease me or torture me to make me your Boyfriend. Why can't you just leave me alone?

Ashley: Jack? Sweetie? Pooh-bear?

Jack: Don't call me that.

Ashley gave him a wicked smile as a warning something bad was going to happen to him.

Ashley: Earlier you admitted you were attracted to me right?

Jack: Yeah and?

Ashley: And you also agreed to be my boyfriend correct?

Jack: If I didn't you would have broken my arm.

Ashley: So are you implying you won't keep your word?

Jack wanted to scream at the top of his lungs, but knew it would make things worse.

Jack: So its because I lost huh?

Ashley: Of course Jack. Had you won, you could have made me do all manner embarrassing things for you.

Jack turned red again as he imagined her being naughty in his head. Ashley giggled at him as she caressed his cheek. Then she kissed his cheek and whispered to him

Ashley: You're thinking of something naughty again Jack. Its okay. I don't mind you having those kinds of thoughts as long as I am the only one you think of that way. And...….. if you play your cards right I might turn a few of those dreams into a reality.

Jack looked at Ashley who was smiling at him affectionately.

Jack: I can't trust you Ash.

Ashley: I know, but you can learn to love me and work on the trust thing later.

Jack: What are the chances you will get bored of me?

Ashley: I think its cute you still think you have a way out of this. The moment you to the park to challenge me you it was already to late for you.

Jack had a look of fear in his face as he broke out in a cold sweat looking at the happy Ashley.

Jack: You're messing with me again right?

Ashley: Who knows Jack. Are you still planning on running away like you did in the past? I must admit you butt had gotten cuter since then.

Jack could feel his heart about to explode in his chest as she both threatened him and flirted with him at the same time. He was beginning to wonder how far her plan on trapping him went. Then she kissed his cheek again before she spoke up softly.

Ashley: Down tiger. Looks like I got you to excited down there. This might be a good time to work off that excess energy you have.

Jack then agreed to help move the equipment with her. Naturally she gave him the heavy stuff while she carried the lighter stuff with the girls. She had no plans on showing that she was indeed stronger than Jack.

For a little bit she helped the water boys pick up bottles and cups and then helped the trainers move their equipment back inside the field house. It smelled like all boys locker rooms, rank and sharp and musty all at once so Blossom spent as little time lingering near it as possible, not going inside. She sure didn't want to smell it any closer plus they boys were changing. That would just be wrong and super, super likely to cause trouble. And, honestly, she'd seen boys naked a few times before middle school and figured it was pretty much the same now.

Ashley of course giggled as he and the other cheerleaders made silly comments on the smell of the field house. Jack tried his best to avoid the conversation as much as possible. The girls teased the boys for their musky scent and suggested a shower afterwards. Ashley playfully defended her Jack by saying she didn't mind of was Jack's scent, but not the other guys. So the teasing increased and the guys seemed to work faster to avoid the embarrassment of the teasing girls.

When she was done Blossom headed back past the stands and out the front towards the dorms. The agonizingly close smell of salt and sand made her long to see the ocean for the first time, someone said it was really close and the humid heat and salt air made it feel like that was the truth. Maybe she could find someone who had been before and convince them to go with her.
Oooh, maybe she could make a little poster or flyer for the bulletin board! Buoyed by that idea she picked up her pace.

After they were done Ashley took Jack by the hand and headed for the dorms. Along the way they found Blossom was not to far away. Ashely greeted and waved at her with her free hand then she looked at Jack with a devilish smile. Jack was worried again that she was up to no good again.

Jack: What now?

Ashley: I can smell the ocean. Can't you?

Jack: Yeah now that you mention it. Why do you ask?

Ashley: So. Wouldn't a beach date sound romantic?

Jack: Sure tell me how it goes.

Ashley smirked at Jack's sarcasm before she decided to blind side him.

Ashley: So you don't want to see my cute swim suit Jack? I picked it out just for you.

Jack: I'm sure you did.

Ashley: Its a cute blue bikini that really shows off my curves. So aren't you the least bit curious to see it?

Jack tried to act cool but his red face gave away his real thoughts.

Ashely: Its not a micro bikini-thong if that's what you're thinking.

Jack: (cracked voice) I wasn't thinking that.

Ashley: You're such a perv Jack, but I love you anyway.

Jack: Whatever.

Ashley: But if you play your cards right...…...I might wear one for you some day.

Jack's knees almost buckled when she teased him. It took all his resolve to maintain his composure with her teasing. After they approached the dorms Ashley gave Jack a kiss on the cheek before she headed to her dorm to get cleaned up. Jack took it like a champ and made his way to his dorm since he was also in need of a cold


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