Boardwalk another round of games

When Rose and JD moved away from the booth, Rose smiled, gave JD a kiss, and said, "Why don't you pick the next one?".

JD was not really interested in the games he was more into Rose. He was feeling their intimacy as they held each other. he was starting to know the difference between infatuation and really caring. there was nothing more JD wanted. JD just wanted to hold Rose touching Rose made emotions flare in JD no one had done that before to JD.

JD glanced around "I guess the Horseracing water guns. that sounds fun and we both could do that together." replied JD. The two walked over to the Booth the line here was longer. It looked like this Booth was moor popular.

"why can I not get enough of you? you are like water in the desert. I can get enough." said JD right be for kissing Rose.

"Ok. I'll choose the next one." It became their turn and Kaylee watched as Conner took his turn.

Conner was handed the three small rings. Conner examined them held them up and looked through them. The guy running the booth started to look annoyed. Conner smiled when he looks at the bottles "not much leeway hu.." Conner commented. He laid one of the rings flat in his hand. The dark bottles had high points. "Ok the trick is to get the ring on the dark bottles. Conner tossed the first ring it hit and skipped off the clear bottle and flipped over landed on a dark bottle. Conner smiled "I almost did not make that one." Some of the people around made comments on the throw.

Conner took the next ring and put it on his hand like he was flipping a coin. Conner looked at the next dark bottle across from him almost on the other side. Conner held out his hand and flipped the ring. The ring flipped through the air in a high arc. It hit the bottle and bounced up and then laned on the neck of the bottle. The third ring Conner just tossed and laned on dark bottle close to Conner.

Conner got a big smile on his face. The man running the booth motioned to some medium-sized plush animals. Conner looked at Kaylee "Pick one." suggested Conner.

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