All Kinds of Prizes

Justin: I feel bad for him but I am not brave enough to break the three of them up.

Then Justin looked at Kyle and smiled at him as he asked a question quietly.

Justin: So did you want to play any games or just stand there and let me gaze into your beautiful eyes?

Kyle nodded, to what Justin said about Jack. "I think most people would want to get in the middle of what would be a hornets nest."

Kyle did realize some people were probably seeing Jack with two girls and feeling envious but Kyle just felt dating more than one person, at a time, meant someone always lost.

Smiling as Justin spoke, "Well, the idea of standing here gazing into each other's eyes is tempting, we should probably play something."

He looked around and then pointed out one of the booths, it was one with water guns which you had to shoot a target with. A horse would race to the end. First one to cross the finish line won.

Kyle then asked, "How about that one?"

Meanwhile Blossom was with Carter and watching the others play games. She had the urge to play something but she wanted Carter to play with her too.

Blossom: Interested in anything here?

Carter looked around for a moment, he spotted a game where the object was to throw a football through a small hole, there was also one where you popped balloons, the color of the balloon determined the prize.

Pointing out both games, "How about either the football one or the balloons?"

Zander and Riley looked around for a minute and decided on one where the object was to throw the ball into a fish bowl but not to win a live fish, like some places, instead it was 3 in won the big prizes. Riley missed all three balls. Zander did some quick calculations in his mind and threw the balls. One, two, three, they all went in. He let Riley pick something; she chose a giant panda. As they were deciding in the next game; they noticed people looking at them. Zander assumed that they were probably wondering how he got a girl as attractive as Riley.

Sam and Heath decided to try their chances with the bottle game; where they had seen Ash, Roxy and Jack leave from. Walking up Heath got his balls. Heath knocked over his bottles with the second ball. Sam picked out plush raccoon.

April and Dawn decided to try their luck with the horse racing and headed that way.

Matt and Courtney made their way to the basketball ball game. They stood side by side, Matt taking one basket and Courtney the other. The man in the booth said, they got three balls.

Matt grinned at Courtney, "Ladies first."

Courtney grinned back, "Well, thank you."

Woosh, first ball went in. Courtney did the hand gesture for Matt to go next. Matt easily made his ball in. Same one with each of the second one. They agreed to both though there last balls at the count of three and they both made it in. Winning two large prizes. Courtney picked out a bear with a basketball jersey on and a poster.

JD gave Rose a lingering kiss. Then look into her eyes "we can do whatever you want" JD answered. Keeping his arm around Rose they walked towards the spin art booth. After they got in line JD watched for a second. JD looks at Rose "I am a little out of my element on this one I may need your help on this one." commented JD.

Rose returned JD's kiss, truth was she could have just stood there in his arms but doubted others in the area would have liked that. They got into line and JD mentioned needing her help. "Well, a few tips. Shake the paints before you use them. Try to use a lighter touch with them and just use any colors you want. If you want to do a mixed color use the two bottles of that color at the same time. Really though just have fun with it." When it got to their turn. Rose stepped up to one of the stations. Told the attendant her name to put on the back of the card stock which then was placed in the spin art machine. The bottles, which look like mustard bottles with were the colors of the paint they held, stood slightly to the side of the spin art machines. There were never a lot of colors with these things but they did have red, blue, yellow and green

The machine was turned off and Rose quickly grabbed the red and blue, using them at the same time. She then used the yellow, then the blue, then the yellow and blue. Using just a little more red at the end. The attendant turned off the machine, took the art out of the machine and placed it on a table behind him.

When JD was done making his, she said. "We can come back and get it. It should be dry by the time we are done with the games." Which was why she wanted to do it first.

When they moved away from the booth, she smiled, gave him a kiss and said, "Why don't you pick the next one?".

Conner looked at all the different booths thinking he had all he wanted right now in his arms. He looked down into Kaylee's eyes. "The bottle ring toss. They have a few plush animals and other prizes. I bet I could win one." He suggested. Everyone was moving to the game booth's Conner walked with Kaylee to the booth and got in line.

"But you will have to choose the next one," said Conner, giving Kaylee a passionate kiss. "Got to make sure you are warm."

Kaylee nodded, she was enjoying being in his arms and she returned the kiss. "I really like keeping warm this way" Smiling at him. "Ok. I'll choose the next one." It became their turn and she watched as Conner took his turn.

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