Step Right Up and Ready

Rose almost instantly spotted the spin art booth and she asked JD, "Can we go over there?" Pointing out the booth to him.

JD thought as he was holding Rose what she had asked him. JD's heart was beating faster as he felt her firm body press against his body. JD could feel all of Rose's curves. JD had all kinds of things flash through his mind. He knew he was getting aroused by Rose's body and the warmth between them. Rose's request became a distant echo. it was Rose's movement pointing to what she wanted to do. That brought him back from his thoughts of her.

JD gave Rose a lingering kiss. Then look into her eyes "we can do whatever you want" JD answered. Keeping his arm around Rose they walked towards the spin art booth. After they got in line JD watched for a second. JD looks at Rose "I am a little out of my element on this one I may need your help on this one." commented JD.


Kaylee looked around for a moment and then said to Conner, "Why don't you pick?"

Conner looked at all the different booths thinking he had all he wanted right now in his arms. He looked down into Kaylee's eyes. "The bottle ring toss. They have a few plush animals and other prizes. I bet I could win one." He suggested. Everyone was moving to the game Booth's Conner walked with Kaylee to the booth and got in line.

"But you will have to choose the next one," said Conner giving Kaylee a passionate kiss. "Got to make sure you are warm."

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