The game area was really an area with an arcade and the area outside the arcade had game booths, like one might see in a fair or carnival.

Rose almost instantly spotted the spin art booth and she asked JD, "Can we go over there?" Pointing out the booth to him.

Kaylee looked around for a moment and then said to Conner, "Why don't you pick?"

Being the booths were all in the same area it made it easy for the large group to stay together without crowding the same booth all at once.

Jack was once again in a grumpy mood as Roxy and Ashley were being clingy again as soon as they got off the ride. Poor Jack was wet, cold and forced to have both girls rubbing their chests on his arm while holding his arm hostage so he could not escape. At this point he considered hiding in the bathroom, but there was still a chance they would go pull him out if he took to long. To make matters worse he was still getting harsh looks from people passing by as they were either jealous or disgusted by him being with two pretty girls.

Then to Ashley and Roxy saw the other couples playing the games and looked at each other then at Jack with a sly grin.

Ashley & Roxy: Jack? Sweety Pie?

Jack annoyed: What do you want now?

Ashley: Play a game with us.

Roxy: Come and show us those mad skills you have.

Jack looked at them with a scowl and lack of trust as he knew they were up to no good again. Then he spoke up.

Jack: Fine! Find something I can win at.

Ashely and Roxy looked a round as they whispered to each other then pointed at the "Bottle Game" where you throw a ball at a stack of wooden bottles to win a prize.

Jack rolled his eyes up as he gave in to their charming request. So he got in line for the Bottle Game and swiped his bracelet for three wooden balls. Then he put the three balls on the counter and spun them each very fast then stopped them so see if they continued to spin. This was an old trick in some places as they put a gyro in the ball to make it spin the wrong way and miss the targets. Since the balls were normal Jack picked up one ball and felt it as he scanned his targets. Then he hurled the balls and began knocking down the wooden bottles without much trouble. After a few rounds he had enough points for Roxy and Ashley to claim their prizes. Ashley picked out a plushie dragon backpack purse and Roxy picked out a plushie panda backpack purse. They were very excited to show them off to Jack while wiggling their behinds at him on purpose. Jack was beet red as they were embarrassing him again.

Meanwhile Justin watched Jack and his two girls as he was with Kyle.

Justin: I feel bad for him but I am not brave enough to break the three of them up.

Then Justin looked at Kyle and smiled at him as he asked a question quietly.

Justin: So did you want to play any games or just stand there and let me gaze into your beautiful eyes?

Meanwhile Blossom was with Carter and watching the others play games. She had the urge to play something but she wanted Carter to play with her too.

Blossom: Interested in anything here?


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