Step Right Up; Win A Prize

As the second group was getting off their boat Heath noticed the unconscious guy being taken off of the boat that had held them.

He turned to Kyle and asked, "What happened?"

Kyle noticed they were still in earshot of the ride attendants, said, "Guy passed out." He then pulled Heath aside and said, "I'll explain later." After all it wasn't like they were trying to keep the actual story from their friends.

JD and Conner help Rose and Kaylee off the boat they walked down the ramp and wait for the others JD wrapped his arms around Rose and pulls her in gently pressing his body to Rose's body and kissing her. "I will help you stay warm unless you want to be cold?" asked JD.

With Conner and Kaylee, They were all over each other it was not sexual but clingy picking up where they left off before getting on the water ride.

Rose smiled at JD,. "Of course, you can keep me warm. I'd like that."

It seemed like that's what a lot of the guys were doing, attempting to keep their dates warm.

Carter held Blossom's hand and asked, "Are you cold?"

It was Riley that spoke up, to the group. "I think we all need a chance to warm up and dry off, a bit."

The day had warmed up considerably since the morning. The sun shone brightly so getting warmed up in, if they stayed more outside shouldn't take that much time.

Sam then mentioned, "Maybe, we should do the games?"

It seemed like a majority liked that idea and the group began to venture that way.

The game area was really an area with an arcade and the area outside the arcade had game booths, like one might see in a fair or carnival.

Rose almost instantly spotted the spin art booth and she asked JD, "Can we go over there?" Pointing out the booth to him.

Kaylee looked around for a moment and then said to Conner, "Why don't you pick?"

Being the booths were all in the same area it made it easy for the large group to stay together without crowding the same booth all at once.

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