Garden Cove and The word Love

JP between Cindy and Redsword

JD had said his good buys and helped Rose some to make sure everything was taken care of He picked up his bag and went outside and ordered an Uber

Wating with Rose and Uber. JD had a gym bag hanging on his shoulder it had a few things for the two a beach blank and drinks the two liked and small snacks and some other stuff they might need. JD's plan was a walk through the park and end up on the beach alone somewhere. "I am so happy to be alone with you on the beach Rose," JD said softly into her ear holding her in his arms.

The two had decided to go be alone while they had the time to. So, it was first saying goodbye to everyone, making sure the bill and everything were taken care of, and then to the beach with JD.

Rose loved the beach at night, it was so calming and beautiful. She smiled at his words. "Sarà il modo perfetto per concludere la giornata." It would be the perfect way to end what had turned out to be a great day.

"Per me va benissimo così." I would not have it any other way. said JD. The Uber car pulled up they got in it was only 5 minutes away. The uber car drops them off. The green grass with sidewalks wining the path lit by lights here and there Flowers and trees were spread out across the park. The night was perfect the moon bright reflecting off the waves of the ocean the sand even glowed some. The breeze fresh off the ocean blowing lightly. JD put his arm around Rose giving her a Kiss not paying attention to other people and couples walking. "Iniziamo la nostra avventura mia bella Rose." Let's start our adventure my beautiful Rose said JD. Taking a Path towards the beach

Rose easily returned the kiss. They started walking and Rose was talking in every aspect of where they were.

"It's beautiful here." She spoke quietly because it seemed like a place for such things.

It truly was, she could only imagine it would be more so the more they walked.

Walking through a sitting area it was a series of round sitting areas with gardens in the center There were people sitting looking out over the ocean and couples as well. JD took a breath seem to just take in everything around him. "I come here to get away sometimes or just to be alone." He commented. Then smiled at Rose. "Ma ora penso che questo sarà il mio posto preferito dove portarti e trascorrerlo con te tra le mie braccia." But now I think this will be my favorite place to bring you and spend it with you in my arms. JD said in Italian. They started down a path that led to the beach.

JD looked at how the moon reflected off of Rose she looked like an angel to JD. Pulling her in some like a hug while they walked. the world felt like it stopped around him everything felt like slow motion as he looked at Rose. JD knew he could not hide his feeling for Rose he was sure his eyes and body langue was telling it all.

"Tornerei qui con te in qualsiasi momento." Rose said, she'd come back here with him anytime and meant it. She would go anywhere with him but this place felt very special.

They continued to walk, Rose took her time wanting to take it in. The moonlight, the stars, the lights off of the flowers, all of it. Being here with him was like the rest of the world had been shut out and it was just the two of them it didn't really matter if there were other people there.

Walking down a path that leads to the beach. Reaching the bottom of the path, Rose and JD stepped onto the sand. They took a few steps into the shadows of some trees. JD using his arm that was around Rose's waist pulled her in turning Rose to face him then pulled Rose into his body Rose and JD's body's pressed into one another JD Kissed Rose with as much passion as he could.

Rose felt herself being turned around and then was suddenly against JD, being kissed and returning the kiss with just as much passion.

JD's arms, Rose felt like she could spend an eternity in his arms, in his kiss. It felt safe and made her feel wanted.

When they stopped to breathe JD gazed at Rose with passionate eyes "Sorry could not hold back anymore." JD said softly to Rose as other couples passed walking up the path from the beach. "I know another place here that will give better alone time. surrounded by flowers and has a good view of the beach. That's if you are interested?" Suggested JD still whispering.

Rose softly smiled at him, "I certainly didn't mind.". Another place, "That sounds nice."

The blonde walked with JD to this new place.

JD started to walk with Rose on the steep hill next to them was covered in flowers and plants and a few small trees. the walk was quiet there were a few couples sitting on the beach closer to the water as they passed. It did not take long to see this was the place to come to be romantic. the walk took a few minutes then they came to some stairs that led up the hillside. JD stopped and looked around. "There are a lot of places just to sit and look out over the ocean here. Now we just have to find one that is not occupied,"
It really was beautiful here and Rose wasn't that surprised to see all the couples. Her blue eyes looked around the place did have more than a few couples. She looked at the stairs, "Shall we go up?"

JD let Rose go first JD liked the view from behind her as she walked up the stairs. Climbing to a clearing JD stopped and looked around "I think it is this way" JD suggested taking her by the hand and heading down a narrow path.

Rose walked down the narrow path with him. It was narrow enough that they couldn't walk side by side. Rose's phone, which she had forgotten to turn off buzzed. The girl stopped and looked down to see who was calling her right now. Realizing who it was Rose hit the ignore button, and as she started to look up, she felt JD's hands cover her eyes and heard...."oops,"

"Hi, guys if you were any closer you would be wearing each other" JD joked. Lowering his hand so Rose could see Conner and Kaylee. "you guys wasted no time," joked JD lightly laughing.

Rose smiled at the couple and the exchange between Conner and JD was funny with a quip from Kaylee. Rose, figuring Conner and Kaylee wanted to be alone and knowing she and JD did, said that she and JD should, "leave these two kids alone". In a light manner.

She then waited for JD to be ready and kept walking with him.

Conner looked and was surprised to see the two Conner kissed Kaylee's neck then looked at JD and Rose with a big smile "if you keep watching you might learn something." Conner taunted.

JD gave a light laugh and put his arm around Rose and pulled her in "I think we figured it out on our own." said JD kissing Rose's neck. The guys laughed. JD put his arm around Rose

Rose then commented, "Maybe we should leave these two kids alone." A joke, after all, Conner was older than all of them.

JD smiled "As my dad says, Carry on! you two," said JD as he turned with Rose to walk back to the beach.

Rose walked away with JD down towards the beach. It was a beautiful night and of course, the girl liked walking with JD. "It was a surprise to see them here.". Rose commented about running into Conner and Kaylee.

"It shows they think alike" Joked JD. "I guess we have the beach then. Sorry, we did not get that spot but there is a nice one on the beach." Suggested JD starting to lead the way. They walked together back down the steps getting to the bottom and back onto the sand the sand was loose now and crunched under their feet as they walked. JD guided Rose to a little cove. The steep hillside still was covered in flowers and bushes. The moonlight was brightly reflecting off everything but the little cove like place cast a shadow where they stopped. " and we are here" said JD letting the bag slip off his shoulder. JD opened it and pulled out a beach blanket big enough for the both of them. and set a few drinks to the side as well. JD embraced Rose and romantical kissed her. " we can stand or sit or lay down" he whispered to Rose.

The couple arrived at the beach area. The blanket was placed. JD kissed her. Everything felt right and perfect.

When he mentioned stand, sit or lie down, a slight grin crossed her lips. The blonde laid down on the blanket, propped up just on her elbows. She then used her right index finger to non-verbally ask JD to join her.

Rose trusted him, she knew what she felt for him, it was beyond words. They were alone and she just wanted to be close to him.

All JD could do was smile JD was thinking he got it right this time. When rose motioned with her finger JD's heart started to race He was excited and had some doubt in himself. JD was worried he would screw this up somehow and she would walk away. JD lowered himself beside Rose and leaned in to give a passionate kiss. JD would embrace her holding her close JD could feel the contours of Rose's body against his body. JD was in heaven. JD's excitement and passion were shown physically and emotionally. JD wanted to tell Rose how much he loved her. But JD was unsure of himself. When their lips separated "I... have fallen for you. You are the air that I breathe. The sun the moon everything to me." JD whispered.

Rose wasn't scared that JD would leave her, not in the walk away, kind of leaving. She was instead unsure of..... nothing. Really, her biggest thing was the way the girl could sometimes feel unworthy of this- of all of this. Her parents certainly never made her feel loved and it gets into the soul to hear or just be shown you're not worthy of your own parent's love, repeatedly.

It has been her brother, her brother's best friend, Sam, and now JD that made her loved - wanted.

The kiss from her was just as passionate as he was. They met each other in their passions with their embrace.

He whispered to her, those words, amazing words. All of her soul and mind couldn't hold it in any longer, three words escaping from her.

"I love you." Then there was a stillness, a quiet as if she expected someone to jump out and tell her this was all a dream.

It was however very real. JD, what he had just said to her, her feelings for him, all very real.

JD was stunned by Rose's words JD was trying to say them for a long time. The simple words I love you. The words echoed through JD's mind. he could feel one tear running down his cheek. JD was so happy he has never felt so happy. "I love you more" JD whispered back. then louder "I love you more," JD said out loud. That was not so hard, was it? JD thought to himself. JD kissed her. A loving tender type of kiss of love.

Rose was feeling relieved and stunned, that her mouth had said those words first. She certainly meant them, though.

Seeing the tear running down his face when he said it back to her. When her ears heard him say "I love you more" out loud. The girl felt her own tears fall from her eyes. She never knew what is like to be so happy she cried before.

A kiss gentle, loving, full of the love they had just expressed to each other. It was a moment Rose had thought, at one point, might never happen for her. JD though had changed everything for the blonde girl and she knew it was right and the way it should be.

Now lost in each other's embrace They did not care about the world around them. They would stay in the moment forever. They would keep kissing saying loving words and cuddling with them looking into the eyes of one another and out onto the moonlit ocean together. Knowing this will probably last a lifetime being with each other and sharing their lives.

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