Back At The Dorms

Sat night: After Dinner

Sam watched as Rose came into their room. The other girl had a look on her face as if she could float on air. Light and happy. Sam was sure she had never seen her best friend seem so happy.

Rose sat down on the bed, with a smile that lit up the entire room. It was a nice sight but Sam was wondering what had caused it and why Rose looked like she was going to burst. It was just all so out of character, but in a good way.

Sam raised a brow, "Are you going to tell me what happened to cause - this? Or what?"

Blue eyes met Sam's own and with a big smile, Rose said, "He loves me. JD. We said it to each other."

Sam jumped out of her seat, and ran over to her friend, sitting next to her, she hugged Rose before speaking again," That's so great. You have to tell me everything. Ok, not everything but, well, you know what I mean."

So, Rose told her what had happened with her and JD confessing their love to each other. Sam was happy, maybe beyond happy for her friend. Not just because JD said it back to Rose but because Rose had been the first one to say it, Sam already knew the two loved each other, but it was a huge step for the other girl.

Carter had a great day with Blossom and was happy to be spending time with her tomorrow. He though wanted to check on Melissa, being he hadn't really spoken to her most of the day despite her being at dinner. They just hadn't been in the same section.

He texted her:

Carter: You up?

Melissa: Yup. Seems like you had a good day

Carter: I did.

Melissa: I'm glad. Blossom seems like a really nice girl.

Carter: She is. You seemed to be enjoying yourself at dinner.

Mel: It was a nice dinner, nice restaurant.

Carter: You know that's not what I mean.

Carter watched as the message that said Mel was typing went off and on about 10 times and then nothing for several seconds.

Mel: I know. Everything is far too complicated to add to it.

Carter: I know, but it won't always be this way

Mel: I don't see an ending

Carter: What did he do?

Mel: He texted Lance to make sure I was actually with them.

Carter's mouth dropped, it was such a crazy, controlling thing to do. Unfortunately, he realized he shouldn't be surprised.

Mel: He texted me 3 times at dinner.

Carter: I saw you look at your phone. I figured it might have been him.

Mel: Maybe, I shouldn't go tomorrow.

Carter: Of course, you should go with us.

Mel: What if he finds out? What if he finds out about tonight?

Carter: Say you were with me. Take some deep breaths. He won't care if you're with me. You know that.

Mel: For how much longer?

Carter: I don't know but, for now, it's what we have. You should come tomorrow. It'll be fine, I'll make sure of it.

Mel: OK. I'll come.

Carter: Good. I'll see in the morning. Night.

Mel: Night.

Kyle had a good time at the boardwalk with Justin. He was, though, still confused about Justin kissing him in the Ferris Wheel but then not wanting to hold hands where people could see them; even their friends. To be so public one minute and scared of the same thing the next was confusing. Kyle really didn't know what to think but he really liked Justin and was willing to wait it out a while longer.

Dawn and April had managed to figure out a plan for changing rooms with some help. With everyone involved in agreement it was set to tell the administration on Monday.

Zander got back to the dorms and went straight to his computer. He hit a few buttons and then a few more. His face fell. This couldn't be anything good. As a matter of fact….

Leaving a text for Carter.

Zander:. If Doug wants to take you anyplace - don't go with him.

He then sent the same message to Melissa.

It was not just a hunch, Zander was certain Doug was involved with something illegal. He just didn't know what.

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