Calling It A Night

Carter had a great day with Blossom and was happy to be spending time with her tomorrow. He though wanted to check on Melissa, being he hadn't really spoken to her most of the day despite her being at dinner. They just hadn't been in the same section.

Blossom was giddy with joy after saying goodbye to Carter. She was grinning from ear to ear as she was excited to see Carter again at the Zoo. She knew that Ashley was going to hear all about it in the dorm room later that night. Blossom could not believe that she of all people could get a date with a cute guy and he was actually in to her. She was worried in the past since she was lacking in the curves department, but she was glad that Ashley was right about guys having different preferences in girls. So she headed back with Ashley and Roxy who were clinging on a moody Jack.

Kyle had a good time at the boardwalk with Justin. He was, though, still confused about Justin kissing him in the Ferris Wheel but then not wanting to hold hands where people could see them; even their friends. To be so public one minute and scared of the same thing the next was confusing. Kyle really didn't know what to think but he really liked Justin and was willing to wait it out a while longer.

Justin was a bit giddy from his time with Kyle. He was glad that he was being patient with him. He was feeling a bit bold as he kissed him on the Ferris Wheel earlier. Part of it was being antsy and part of it was a reward for Kyle for being understanding. As they walked to the car Justin told Kyle he was glad he met him and hoped they could spend more time together.

Meanwhile the limo picked up Jack and the three girls to take them back to school. Jack was feeling a bit annoyed after being teased all day by Ashley and Roxy. Blossom saw his hickeys and tried not to giggle at him. She felt bad for him but knew he could do much worse in a relationship. The drive back was entertaining for Blossom as Roxy and Ashley teased Jack, since he was helpless against them. Poor jack knew he was trapped and would have to go to the zoo with them as well.


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