It's All Happening At The Zoo

JP with Redsword, Jaxx, and Cindy

Timestamp: Sunday (after the Boardwalk)

The drive to the zoo wasn't very long, the group had left after breakfast. While they'd be there into the afternoon, it wasn't an all day into evening thing like the boardwalk had been.

Still, the idea was to just have fun and enjoy themselves.

Jason had been invited to come along . At first he wasn't sure, he didn't want Mel to think he was crowding her but he actually wasn't sure she was going so he had agreed.

The two were, only slightly, surprised to see each other on this particular outing.

The group arrived at the zoo, Carter asked for everyone to give him and Mel a moment. He went to the guest services area and came back with a wheelchair for the girl.

"Your charot." Carter joked, with a hand flourish.

Mel breathed a laugh and got into the chair. Jason and she had talked in the car and things were less awkward than last night.

Jason offered to take the first round of helping her out. Mel agreed with that.

Then the group was off to explore the zoo.

Paying, JD was still flying from last night seeing the morning made him realize that the separation just for the night seemed forever. JD was not sure if the word got out yet about the confession of love to one another. He was not sure he really wanted to share that with everyone. It seemed so personal, those words I love you. JD gazed at Rose, for a moment, watching her talk and interact. She really is a princess, JD thought.

Walking over to Rose, JD gently put her wristband on. Without hesitation he kissed her. "I love you," JD said romanticly. JDs eyes darted around nervously to see who might have heard that. He was not ashamed of it, just did not know what to expect from the others.

Conner standing too far away smiled when he looked at Kaylee. "I know something was up when we were driving back from the beach with JD and Rose. It appeared like their relationship went to a different level much like ours." Then he whispered," JD said I love you to Rose." Then returned to his normal level. "I know how he feels," He said looking into Kaylee's eyes.

JD wasn't the only one flying that morning. Rose was her own state of euphoria. The girl had only told Sam about what had happened but news spread quickly among this group

The two kissed and Rose said, "I love you." Back without hesitation. Still, it seemed like a private moment.

Heath knew; JD had told him. Being roommates it would have been difficult not to. Even if JD hadn't Sam, being his girlfriend, would have. Rose wouldn't have expected her not to.

Kaylee's eyes darted to Rose and JD, she smiled. "They did seem - different last night." In a good way. The girl caught Conner saying he knows how JD feels and her smile widened. "Me too," Kaylee responded.

Zander hadn't shared his findings, last night, with anyone and today the boy just wanted to share the day with Riley and his friends. He paid and put the bracelet on Riley's hand, happy to be sharing another day with her.

Riley smiled at Zander, last night they had taken a long, romantic walk on the beach. The girl had thought about telling Zander about her eating disorder but just didn't want to spoil the evening. She didn't know what to say, really. They hadn't started seeing each other that long ago and weren't officially dating, despite it heading that way quickly. It could wait, Riley kept trying to convince herself of that.

Carter paid for Blossom and helped get her wristband on. Kyle paid for Justin before the other boys could protest.

Once everyone had gotten their wristbands; the group agreed to head to the reptile house first.

The building was clearly influenced by the Spanish Architecture that area of California was so famous for. The sign read Klauber-Shaw Reptile House with a cut out of a snake below the name.

Carter walked hand in hand with Blossom, he asked her. "So, what do you think of snakes?"

He knew she grew up as a country girl but it didn't mean she particularly liked snakes. Being he was just getting to know her, Carter wanted to be sure he didn't make her uncomfortable.

Riley went up to the first exhibit, completely excited about the prospect of looking at reptiles. Zander smiled at the look on her face.

Kyle smiled at Justin, "Well, I've not been to a zoo in years. This should be fun. How about you?"

Blossom gave Carter a crooked smile as she looked at him.

Blossom: Well this is a lot more different than back home. Daddy would usually smack 'em with a shovel when they came near us or the animals. I mean I don't hate 'em, but I don't want one as a pet either.

Blossom looked around and saw the exotic reptiles all around them.

Blossom: But it is kinda neat to see animals from all over the world. We don't have a zoo back home.

Then she took Carter's hand and led him to see the first tank full of reptiles.

Meanwhile Justin and Kyle were making small talk in the reptile house.

Justin: Same here. I don't miss the smell, but the animals do give me inspiration for designs. How about yourself?

Jack was once again at the mercy of Ashley and Roxy as they each hooked his arms and led him into the reptile house after buying his ticket. They made sure to kiss him on the cheek and leave a lipstick mark as a sign of ownership. He was clueless about the lipstick which was entertaining to Ashley and Roxy. As they looked at an Egyptian Cobra in the clear tank it suddenly rose its head and looked at them with its flaps open to make its head look bigger. After taking a few turns looking at the three of them it looked at Jack and shook its head no before slithering off behind the foliage. Jack dropped his jaw in disbelief as Ashley and Roxy burst out in laughter and almost fell but were supported by Jack's muscles. Poor Jack had a grouchy expression as he was dissed by a snake. Once Ashley and Roxy regain their composure they kissed Jack on his cheek again leaving more lipstick as they apologized to him. Jack was still grumpy as they continued on.

Courtney and Matt walked to the one of the tanks with a Carpet Python. Courtney looked at the tag. "My brother, Bobby had a snake as a pet for a while."

Matt looked at the snake, "Really, what kind?"

"A Ball Python. He was about ten and bought it at the local pet shop, without our parents' permission.". She responded.

"Did he get into trouble?"

"Not until he forgot to put the lid back on its tank one day, after feeding it and it got out. Took us 3 days to catch the thing. Bobby was lucky it didn't get into the barn or hurt anything. My Ma and Pa weren't happy."

"I can imagine. So, what happened?"

"Bobby got grounded for two weeks. He had to re-home the snake and promise to never buy another pet without permission." She shrugged, it was just life living with brothers.

Heath and Sam held hands as they went from one tank to the next.

Sam commented, "Snakes aren't really my thing."

Not scared of them but just not her preferred animal.

Heath nodded, "Mine either. Maybe, I'm too much of a city boy to appreciate them."

Still, they were having fun spending time together.

Carter nodded at Blossom, "That's understandable. My family only really concerned ourselves if we ran across a venomous snake. Mostly that's rattlesnakes or Bullsnakes in Colorado."

They moved to a tank with a Copperhead in it. Watching as it moved around.

Kyle walked with Justin to one of the tanks, "I never really know where inspiration for one of my films will hit me. So, who knows maybe there's a great idea hiding in one of the exhibits." He glanced towards Riley, who was apparently talking to Zander about the different creatures in the various cages. He nodded towards her, "I'm not sure any of us will be as excited about this trip as Riley."

Spoken, kind of ,playful the way a best friend would be about their friend being excited over something.

Rose walked with JD to one of the first tank. Two ringneck snakes shared a tank, they were rather active as they slithered all around the tank.

Rose spoke, "I've been to the Bronx Zoo, twice. It's different than this."

Kaylee walked with Conner to one of the tanks. Two Milksnakes were intertwined with each other. Kaylee smiled and squeezed Conner's hand. "Have you been to this zoo, a lot?"

Blossom looked at the copperhead snake and looked at Carter.

Blossom: We see a lot of these back home. They are pretty mean. Sometimes we see rattlesnakes and Bull snakes too. My uncle got bit by a corn snake once. He was scared since he thought it was poisonous. But it was good that he went to see the doctor since he had a bad infection.

Justin and Kyle were talking about inspiration.

Justin: So Riley is a fan of reptiles huh? So have you ever eaten a reptile?

Carter nodded, "That must have been painful. I don't actually know anyone whose been bitten by a snake but one of my sisters got cornered by one once when we were camping. She was fine just scared.".

Kyle responded, "Riley loves all animals. She wants to be a vet. No, I haven't ever eaten one. Have you?".

Looking at Rose JD, "Never been to the Bronx Zoo I hear it is a good one." JD replied.

Holding her hand JD thought about the night before then looked back at the snakes. "You know that heat lamp I can feel from here. I think that's why those snakes are so active." added JD.

Conner made an evil grin looking at the snakes. "I have several times. It looks like the snakes are having fun. why should we miss out?" Conner said, wrapping his arms around Kaylee and with little effort picking her up and spinning her around.

Now she was head down and facing away from him. Conner had his arm across her belly to make sure her shirt did not fall. and expose her. Conner let out a laugh. Spun her around one more time. placing her on the ground. "So that's how that feels," commented Conner.

"I'd like to take you there some day." Rose would love to share New York with him. She nodded about the heat lamp, "It probably is."

Rose led JD to the next tank. "I have to admit I'm not really into snakes. What do you think of them?"

Kaylee laughed as she got spun around and then again. That was a surprise.

"Oh, is it?" Kaylee remarked playfully. Being spun around had apparently been more fun for her, than anything else. Putting her arms on his shoulder, she beckoned him to come closer and kissed him. Then backed a little away from the tank. "Now, how does it feel again?" She grinned.

Conner put his embraced Kaylee and gently squeezed pressing her body against Conner's. "Something like this," he said then kissed her back.

JD led Rose to another tank, this one had two Cobras in it. JD watched them carefully. "There is a trick my father showed me about them. You can tap on the glass and they will not do much. but if you add a few things" JD kept holding Rose's hand and with his free hand, JD waved it close to the glass not quite touching it. The cobras started to look in his direction, their tongues moving in and out. JD moved his hand around. Changing directions JD ran his hand along the glass and then started to tap on the glass as his hand moved. After a moment the snakes stood up and flared showing their cobra markings. JD stopped moving and dropped his hand and stayed motionless until they relaxed and laid down.

JD smiled "I think I overdid it. He glanced back at the people watching from behind. "He looked up at the sign that said don't tap on the glass. JD wondered what people were thinking. JD looked at Rose. "Time to make our exit." said JD gently leading Rose away from the tank.

Matt pointed out his sister being spun around by Conner to Kaylee.

He laughed, "Is he going to just randomly pick up my sister when he feels like it?"

Courtney chuckled, "Of course, it's Conner, after all. Looks like she enjoyed it."

Matt nodded, "Not surprised."

Kaylee returned Conner's kiss and the two moved on to another tank. This time it was a Coral snake. She stood in front of Conner, with his arms wrapped around her.

Rose wasn't sure what JD was doing, at first, but then the Cobra flared up. She smiled back at him, "I think so."

The two went into the next room, this one was slightly darker and filled with lizards. Reaching the tank of the Gila Monster.

"It's kind of nice here." The darker atmosphere seemed to quiet peoples voices, so it was a bit quieter than the other room.

JD had a happy look on his face "Too bad it's not pitch dark in this place, think of the things we could do." replied JD. Stepped behind Rose placed his arms around her and kissed her neck latching on with his lips. It was not hard more gentle. Then moving to Rose's earlobe. JD made a seductive sound. "Better than candy." JD whispers in her ear.

Conner looked at Kaylee and smiled mischievously, "Your turn to spin me?" Conner said, almost laughing, then kissed Kaylee. Conner did not expect Kaylee to do anything and did not think she could even pick him up. Even JD had to struggle to pick up Conner off the ground.

Rose smiled at JD's comment. She was about to jokingly ask, like what, but he beat her to it by kissing her neck than her earlobe. The blonde forgot for a moment other people were around.

Kaylee laughed at what Conner said , "How about this instead?" She kissed him, again. She glanced towards the area with the lizards, seeing it was darker, took Conner's hand and led him to that area.

Carter and Blossom continued to see the other reptiles as she told him about her Uncle getting bit by the snake. It had the whole family in a frenzy as they went to the hospital to check on him. Ironically it was not the first time he had been bitten by an animal. One time he was drinking with his buddies before taking a drive and they hit a beaver by accident. The Uncle picked up the beaver by its tail and said it was in good shape for being dead. When he said the word dead it woke up and bit off his nipple. Ironically we learned that a nipple can grow back if taken to a hospital soon enough.

Meanwhile as Kyle was telling Justin about Riley's love for animals they moved on and saw several other reptiles. Justin loved listening to Kyle talk and before he knew it they brushing up against each other a bit more. Justin was slowly lowering his guard with Kyle as he was getting a bit more bold in public.

Carter was really interested in Blossom's stories about her family. Her uncle definitely sounded like an interesting character. Carter would add a few of his own stories about his own family, most of them dealing with one or both of his two younger sisters . But he might have one or two about his younger brother.

Kyle smiled as Justin brushed against him. He didn't say anything, figuring it was better to let Justin take the lead on it.

They came to a tank with a Blue Tale Skink. "I know someone who has three of these as pets."

It was the drummer to a rather well known band but Kyle wasn't one to name drop. If Justin asked he'd tell him.

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