It's All Happening At The Zoo (Part 2)

JP with Jaxx, Redsword, and Cindy

Melissa and Jason had started out in the reptile house but after the fifth tank, it became clear this wasn't the best place for a wheelchair.

Melissa was too short, in the chair, to effectively see anything and neither of them were skilled enough with manvering the chair enough to figure out how to remedy the situation.

Melissa didn't want to ask Jason though to leave the reptile house if he didn't want to.

Finally, he just asked her. "Do you want to go to the hummingbird exhibit, instead? It should be easier for you to see things."

"Are you sure?' Mel asked.

"Of course, I'm sure." Jason said, it wasn't a big deal to him.

With Melissa in agreement the two headed towards the hummingbird exhibit.

JD had been waiting to give Rose his silver ID tags; they were military-style on a silver chain. it was inscribed with
Davenport Jonathan G.
1776 A+
with the Navy, SEAL Trident etched in the background
Everyone in his family had a set it was a gift from his dad one Christmas. JD knows most girls had some trinket from their boyfriends. JD had a hard time thinking about what to give a girl that has everything she wants. JD knew Rose was not that materialistic. The ID tags were special to JD.

JD kept Rose distracted by kissing her neck and ear. as JD pulled out the ID tags he had been carrying. this would stand out to others and if she was lost she could make it back to JD if they saw the information on it. Rose would be part of his family now. Then it struck him. JD did not ask his parent's views on this. JD knew it would end well he hoped.

JD dangled the chain and ID tags in front of her as he whispered in her ear. "Would you wear this for me?" JD asked, then kissed her ear. This was a big step for JD; this meant all in for him. It felt like a promise ring type of commitment. There was a little doubt in his mind; his heart raced as he waited for an answer.

Conner was being led this time by Kaylee. Conner liked it most of the time it was him in the lead. When they reached the Conner he gently pulled her into a kind of a dance move having her end up against his body. "So you are going to show me something here?" Conner whispered.

Rose was enjoying the time with JD, she had no idea what was about to happen. Her eyes looked in amazement as he dangled the ID tags before her. She knew they were important to him, that made the tags important to her as well.

Dumbstruck for a moment with how moved she was by the gesture. "I would love to wear those."

Her right hand grabbed her long blonde hair and pushed it to the side, to allow JD to put the chain around her neck.

Her hand reached up to touch it, she then spun around in his arms so the two were now facing each other.

"It's perfect." Then the two kissed.

Kaylee smiled at being next to Conner. "Hmmm....let me think. What could I show you in a dark part of the exhibit?"

Conner got his mischievous grin " are you on exhibit your way more interesting than some snake or lizard." Suggested Conner in a seductive way.

Attaching the ends of the silver chain Rose spun around on JD's arms. JD could not be happier. JD let the kiss linger between Rose and him. JD could relax now most of the doubt in his mind was gone now. The passionate kiss would last until they had to breathe.

Kaylee put one arm halfway up and spun around as if on display. "It's a private showing. Only you're allowed."

The gift from JD had made everything that much more perfect. Their kiss lingered but eventually the two broke in order to breath.

"About time," Rose heard Sam joke "I was starting to wonder if you two were going to come up for air."

Rose rolled her eyes.

Sam's eyes caught a glimpse of the new adornment around Rose's neck. She smiled at the other couple. "Nice."

Heath came up behind Sam and put his arms around her. "We're headed to the hummingbird exhibit."

Heath spotted the tags and gave a nod towards JD before he and Sam wandered off.

Conner scooped her up in his arms and kissed her. "We better move along before I want to see a lot more," commented Conner carrying her with little effort.

JD grinned looking at Sam. "Special gift for the most special girl, Sam," JD said, hugging Rose. "I am just glad I can hold my breath for a long time," said JD sarcastically.

Kaylee laughed as she was picked up and carried off by Conner. "Where to now?"

Rose smiled, after Sam and Heath walked off. "So, should we go look at the turtles?"

Jason and Mel were the first to move to the hummingbird exhibit. The exhibit from the outside almost looked like the entrance to a storybook house with vines painted on the outside walls.

The inside was a small aviary. Plants grew all around with small ponds and streams put throughout the exhibit.

They arrived at a good place to see things and just stopped for a moment. Bright blue, crimson, white, purple, all kinds of colors flew around in an array of tiny flying colors.

Melissa smiled, "Wow. Look at all of them."

A yellow hummingbird flew up to her face, looked at her and then flew backwards a little, then forward fast, landing on Melissa's shoulder.

"Looks like you have a visitor," Jason commented. "If you don't move I might be able to get a picture."

He pulled out his phone and caught the picture before Melissa could protest.

The bird flew off.

Jason asked, "You ready to move on."

"Yes," The two continued to move through the exhibit.

Riley and Zander had moved to the hummingbird exhibit, mostly because Riley didn't want to miss anything.

"I think that's a Bee Hummingbird." Riley commented, answering a question by Zander.

Zander nodded. The boy knew a lot of different things but Riley was clearly more of the expert on animals.

Sam and Heath reached the hummingbird aviary and kissed before Sam turned and really looked at the exhibit. "I've got to get some pictures of this."

Sam started taking pictures of the exhibit. Heath just took it in and enjoyed his time with his girlfriend.

Kaylee was carried outside by Conner. He didn't put her down as they started to head towards the hummingbird exhibit.

Rose and JD had looked at some turtles, then agreed to move on. As they walked outside, Rose spotted Kaylee being carried by Conner.

"Those two look like they're having fun." She smiled.

"Yes looks like fun," said JD as he sweeps Rose off her feet and started to carry her towards Conner and Kylee. JD walked like he just won the grand prize smiling on his face.

Conner turned hearing Rose being picked up by JD. Seeing them coming "Man, copycat." said Conner as JD and Rose got close. Cooner eyes narrowed as Conner focuses on the ID tags around rose's neck still hanging out of her shirt. "Always trying to make the rest of us guys look bad JD. I see you have marked your territory," Conner said with a grin.

JD looked at Kaylee and smiled. "Kay, don't worry Conner is a bit slow but he will ketchup," said JD poking back at Conner for his comment.

"Rose, you one the Prize. I can't count how many girls this summer wanted to wear those tags. You got them in what... ah... two weeks? If you guys move any faster I will have to make time for a wedding." Joked Conner.

Rose wasn't expecting to be picked up, but suddenly she was in JD's arms being carried over to the other couple.

Kaylee heard Conner say "Copycat" and turned her head to see Rose and JD headed there. She also noticed the tags around Rose's neck.

Conner and JD bantered back and forth, which had both girls smiling.

Kaylee commented, "The tags are nice."

"Thanks," Rose said.

From behind both couples, Courtney's voice could be heard. "To think we almost missed out on seeing that."

As they moved closer, Matt joked, "You want to be picked up, too?'

Courtney laughed, "Nah, I'm good."

Matt and Courtney arrived by JD, Rose, Conner and Kaylee.

Courtney grinned at the couples, "Maybe y'all should have a race or something."

JD smiled then joked, "Ya the girls carry the guys."

Conner looked at Courtney "Nah, Courtney would win," joked Conner.

JD looked at the group. "Girls on shoulders?" he asked.

Courtney looked at Matt and then at the group and joked. "It might be a good way to be kicked out of here."

Courtney's eyes then landed on the tags around Rose's neck. She read them for a moment. "New?"

Courtney hadn't been really paying much attention to Rose and JD.

Rose responded, "JD just gave them to me today."

Courtney smiled and nodded. "Well, we're off to the hummingbirds. If you decide to race, let me know who wins."

Matt smiled, "I guess we're out."

Matt and Courtney wandered off towards the next exhibit.

Conner looks around and spots a Zoo worker, "You know she is right, racing could get us in trouble but walking on our hands won't. See who can stay on them the longest?" Conner suggested.

JD smiled, "I think I could do that." He answered.

Rose and Kaylee looked at each other and just shook their heads.

Kaylee said, "Well, let us down then. We can watch you."

She wasn't certain but doubted the two guys wanted to compete against her or Rose.

Conner looked at the group. "Anyone can compete or not compete. It is up to you. If your feet touch the ground or you fall you're out." Instructed Conner.

"I am good with that," said JD.

Kaylee grinned, "You want to compete against a gymnast and a cheerleader? Well, okay then."

Kaylee glanced over at Rose, who seemed to be thinking about something.

"I'm going to pass." Rose said, as Sam and Heath seemed to arrive.

Heath asked, "Pass on what?"

Rose responded, "These three are going to have a hand walking contest."

Sam grinned, "I want in on that."

Heath then commented, "Ok, the four of you then. Rose and I can keep the area clear."

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