Almost Ruining A Good Day (Part 2)

JP with Jaxx and Cindy

Carter arrived not long after Mel texted him. Melissa looked up at him with actual fear in her eyes.

Melissa took a breath, "I'm so sorry about this. I probably ruined your date with Blossom."

Carter shook his head, "Don't do that. I knew what I signed up for when I agreed to help you. And none of this is your fault. Are you ready?"

"Yes, "Mel responded.

Claudia and Scarlett had found their targets who seemed to be by the alpacas.

"Hello, Melissa, Carter." Claudia said, while Scarlett have a nod. "Doug said you two might be here."

"Hi, Claudia. Hi , Scarlett. He did, huh?" Carter responded

"Did you two see the scholarship students were here?" Scarlett asked.

"I guesed we missed them." Carter responded..

Melissa didn't want anything she said to be taken back to Doug, only to be twisted around so beyond greeting to the two girls she said nothing.

Claudia and Scarlett seemed as if they had been expecting something to happen.

"Well, we'll see you," the two left but they along with the rest of Doug's group was still in this section of the zoo.

Melissa said, "I'm so tired of this."

But Carter knew the girl was afraid, he'd stay by her as long as she needed. He just hoped, Blossom would understand.

Blossom was deep in thought petting the rabbit that she failed to see Justin and Kyle enter the petting zoo and approach her.

Justin: What's up Blossom? Did Carter go to the bathroom?

Blossom looked up at Justin and Kyle with concern in her eyes as she replied.

Blossom: I don't know. Suddenly he got a text and then said he was in a hurry and had to go. I am worried since he didn't say. Do you think I did something wrong?

Justin smiled at Blossom and shook his head no.

Justin: He probably was just too embarrassed to tell you his stomach is in a bad way.

Blossom giggled at Justin as she covered her mouth. But then she realized she got rabbit fur on her face and quickly rubbed it off and as she spit it out. She was a bit embarrassed by this. Justin then stepped in to clean her face from the fur as he spoke.

Justin: Oh girl you are so silly. Here let me clean that off you before Carter gets back.

Blossom let Justin remove the fur from her face.

Justin: This is why I don't use fur or fake fur in my clothing. The fur gets everywhere like glitter.

Kyle said hello to Blossom with a smile. He watched the two friends, and glanced around. The rich kids had apparently had the same idea to come to the zoo but he didn't point it out.

"If you want, I can go get some feed for them." Kyle said as he spotted the machines to buy the feed from.

Blossom: Hi Kyle.

Justin smiled at Kyle and nodded as he replied.

Justin: Thanks Kyle.

Blossom sighed as she was still sad.

Kyle was going to get the feed out of one of the machines but noticed a booth selling souvenir buckets of rabbit feed with the name of the zoo and rabbits on the bucket. He decided instead bought that as it might make Blossom feel a little better.

Something wasn't feeling right, to Kyle, about all of this. He couldn't imagine Carter would just leave Blossom like that. Did it have something to do with the rich kids being here?

After buying the bucket, he walked back to the other two. He smiled at Blossom and handed her the bucket filled with feed.

"Here. You can keep it." Then paused. "I'm going to go look for Carter. I'm sure there's an explanation for this."

Justin: Cool thanks Kyle.

Blossom: Thank you Kyle.

After Kyle left Blossom began feeding the rabbit with Justin's help.

Blossom: You both seem really close lately.

Justin: Huh? What do you mean?

Blossom: I mean you guys have been hanging out together a lot. I am surprised you both aren't surrounded by a lot of girls.

Justin smirked as he misunderstood Blossom's thinking. He thought she figured out he and Kyle were into each other.

Justin: Well you are right in that we are close. Would it be bad if we were a thing like Rose and JD ot Jack and his harem?

Blossom giggled at the Jack comment then replied.

Blossom: No I guess not. I mean I don't know much about guys who like guys and girls who like girls since it was not something talked about back home.

Justin: That makes sense I guess.

Blossom: So are you two like that?

Justin smiled as he looked at Blossom and nodded at her.

Justin: Unofficially, but I was not sure how to bring it up with the others. I have been hurt in the past before.

Blossom: Oh I'm sorry. I shouldn't.......

Justin: It's not your fault Blossom. We all have stuff we are not proud of. Does this make you uncomfortable?

Blossom: Not really since I don't get. I am new to the whole dating thing too. I won't lie........ Carter leaving like that makes me insecure and confused. I hope nothing bad happened or will happen.

Justin: Me too. He seems like a decent guy. Besides Ashley will hurt him if he hurts you remember?

Blossom nodded with a small smirk.

Blossom: Yeah I remember that.

Kyle did find Carter, talking with Melissa. The two were being stopped and talked to by some of the rich kids, mostly Doug's group.

It seemed highly unlikely that Carter had left because he didn't want to be seen by the rich kids with Blossom or that Melissa would do that to the other girl.

He watched how tense Melissa got when one of Doug's group would come by. Thinking back on when he had seen Mel, Melissa with Doug, Melissa last night at dinner and today, her injuries, he began to piece things together. It wasn't like Kyle had spent a great deal of time around Melissa but just thinking about it long enough he figured it out.

It seemed as if Doug's group wasn't that interested in that part of the zoo and Kyle watched them board one of the park buses to head off to another section.

Walking up to Carter and Mel, the man looked at them and then said

"It's alright Doug's group has left this part of the zoo."

Carter winced a little, "You saw that. It's not..."

"What I think?" Kyle responded. "What I think is that Doug is an ass that would be jealous of Melissa hanging out with Jason and upset that either of you were hanging out with scholarship students."

The look on both of their faces was unmistakable.

Carter looked at Kyle and said, "I don't care about them seeing me with Blossom."

Kyle gave the boy a slight smile, "I know. " Looking at Mel, "It's to protect you, isn't it?"

Melissa nodded, and sighed. "I hope Blossom isn't too upset."

Kyle gently said, "She's, rightfully, confused. She's going to want and deserves an explanation." He paused, "And you two need to come up with a better plan. Why don't you get Jason back over here and we can go to where I left Blossom and Justin."

With an agreement and Jason back with them, they went over by the rabbits.

Carter went over to Blossom, "I'm sorry."

Blossom looked nervous as Carter approached her and apologized. She was lost for words as she looked sad. She saw Kyle, Melissa and Jason behind Carter and was confused by what was going on. So she worked up the courage to speak to him.

Blossom: Carter did I do something to make you leave me like that? If so I am sorry.

Blossom looked so delicate and hurt by what she was thinking.

Carter shook his head, "No, it's nothing you did."

Melissa watched Carter try to explain what he really couldn't, the hurt look on Blossom's face, and the look on Jason's. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

"Blossom, he did it to protect me." Melissa sighed. "I think there's something I should tell you."

Blossom looked at Melissa with a confused look. She was not sure what was going on but it didn't sound like Carter was dating Melissa.

Blossom: Please......I am very confused right now.

Melissa nodded, and took a deep breath. This was a big risk she was taking but it was to help out her friend.

Carter looked at Melissa and almost asked if she was sure but it was apparent she was going through with this, sure or not.

"As some of you might already know, I'm dating Doug Mason." Melissa paused. "The rest of this I need you all to promise not to say anything to anyone."

She continued hoping the secret was safe with them. "Doug is .. possessive and controlling. He doesn't want me hanging out with any of the scholarship students." She wasn't going to elaborate on Doug's feelings about them. "He almost doesn't want me hanging out with anyone but himself or Carter. Even though Jason," she glanced at Jason trying to gauge a reaction then her eyes went back to Blossom. "And I are just friends, he would never understand that."

Taking another breath before continuing, "The rich kids are here. Doug's group is here. If they knew what I was really doing today, who I was hanging out with, they would report it to Doug and then the repercussions would all land on me. I'm really sorry that this happened. I'm sorry for dragging you all into my problems."

Blossom was not ready for that explanation. It sounded a lot like a soap opera her mom liked to watch back home in Dot. Montana. It was a very complicated answer and it sounded like everyone was having to deal with it in one way or another. so when she replied she was not sure what to say.

Blossom: Oh............. So what now?

Kyle spoke up, "I think we should figure that out but there has to be a better way to deal with this than Carter having to run over to Melissa every time the rich kids are around today. I doubt either Carter or Blossom want that. But a way that doesn't cause issues for Mel."

Maybe someone would have a suggestion.

Blossom: I am not good at this kind of stuff.

Justin rubbed his chin then looked at the others as he spoke up.

Justin: Perhaps we can get some dirt on Doug and force him to back off and break up with Melissa.

Carter said, "We've been working on that, it's a long process."

Melissa sighed at what Justin said, "I shouldn't have come. Maybe, I should just go back to the school."

Blossom: Why can't you just tell him to leave you alone?

Justin: That is an option. If we make a big deal about it in school Doug will have to back off since the Head Master will get involved.

Melissa sighed, "It's not that simple. There is a long and complicated story as to why I can't just do that. I doubt any of you want to hear it right now."

Jason who had been quiet spoke up, "Maybe, we could hangout with Blossom and Carter. That way Melissa and Carter would just be near each other but Blossom and Carter would still be together. I hate to intrude but it would only have to be until Carter and Mel were out of the sites of the rich kids."

Justin looked at Blossom and smiled as he replied to her.

Justin: Safety in number right?

Blossom looked at Carter as she realized Justin was helping her stay with him during this situation. She looked so shy and cute as she nodded in front of the others.

Blossom: I don't mind.

Carter thought Blossom looked adorable with how she nodded. When she responded, Carter gave her a slight smile. "Thank you."

Melissa breathed a sigh of relief that everyone seemed to be understanding. She looked at Blossom. "Thank you for being so understanding."

Jason then said, "I say, then let's enjoy more of this place. Any preference on where we go next?"

Kyle turned to Justin, as the four others were deciding where to go. "So, you want to stay with them or should we go off on our own?"

Justin smiled at Kyle and was proud that he was such a cool guy by helping the others out. Justin leaned closer to Kyle and put his hand on Kyle's back as he whispered into his ear.

Justin: They look so cute together don't they? Let's watch them for a bit. Besides, this place is so peaceful.

Kyle smiled and nodded at what Justin said. They two boys caught up with the others as they continued to venture around the zoo.

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