Surprises Of the Heart

Jack's knees almost buckled when she teased him. It took all his resolve to maintain his composure with her teasing. After they approached the dorms Ashley gave Jack a kiss on the cheek before she headed to her dorm to get cleaned up. Jack took it like a champ and made his way to his dorm since he was also in need of a cold

The hot shower helped Jack relax after a long day. His tension levels were at an all time high today. He had to leave home to a new prep school, put up his crazy stalker neighbor who claimed him as her boyfriend, sneak junk food to a pampered rich girl who payed him a lot and to make it worse he now had to deal with some jealous jocks who had a thing for Ashley. He wondered how much they would like her after feeling her painful iron grip on their skulls. Not only was she crazy, but she was freakishly strong, fast and taught well by her father who is a retired world champ in mixed marital arts.

Once he was done freshening up he got dressed and made his way to his dorm room to find Justin was not back yet. Then he hung up his school uniform and PE uniform to air out and checked the phone Olivia gave him in case she had more snide comments to make and demand. Olivia was a pain in the butt and very demanding, but since she paid well he was willing to put up with her nonsense for now. As he looked at her texts he saw she made a poor attempt to thank him for doing his job I her usual arrogant and spoiled manner. Since she acted all sweet and perfect in public, Jack wondered if she dropped her guard with him believing she could trust him or use him. He was leaning towards that last option when it came to her. In his perspective all females were trouble and crazy, but it varied depending on each one.

Since she didn't have anything else she needed for now he put the hone up so Justin wouldn't know about it. If Ashley found out he was hiding a phone he feared what she would do to him. Then he pulled out his laptop and sighed as he began looking up jewelry for cheerleaders since Ashley was blackmailing him for jewelry now to avoid sharing any gossip with the nosy school reporter known as Nancy Farrah. It wasn't long before Justin came in the dorm room with wet hair after his shower. He seemed to be in a chipper mood as he sat on his bed.

Justin: Whatcha looking for?

Jack: That cheerleader jewelry you mentioned.

Justin: Already? Wow Ashley has you whipped hard huh?

Jack: Not funny man.

Justin: I think its cute that you dote on her though.

Jack: If I don't it will get worse.

Justin: Any luck yet?

Jack: Yeah to much though. I have no idea what is considered good or expensive. I haven't bought jewelry before.

Justin: Not even for your mom?

Jack: My dad always did that stuff and I just signed the cards.

Justin: Ahhhhh…..makes sense.

Jack: What's the difference between these prices? I mean it all looks the same to me.

Justin got up and looked at Jack's laptop to read what he found. Then he smirked as Jack was a total noob in this department.

Justin: Wow you have a lot to learn Jack.

Jack: Are you gonna mess with me or help?

Justin: Both actually. Now do you see the different types of silver on the descriptions?

Jack: Ummm…… one is silver plated, one is silver filled, one is hypoallergic and another is sterling silver. What's the diff?

Justin: Consider them all junk except for the hypoallergic and sterling silver. The hypoallergic is for people with allergies to metals so its good for them and Sterling Silver is the good quality silver jewelry. Gold and Platinum are like that too. I'll teach you about that stuff later since I am sure you will need to know.

Jack: Okay so I need to get her Sterling Silver huh? (web search) Man this stuff is pricey.

Justin: Yeah but if you know what you are looking for you can get it a bit cheaper. Kind of like antique shopping. Oh and just so you know girls will take the time to look at the label of the company that is inscribed on the jewelry so if you get her knock off jewelry it will come back to bite you in the butt.

Jack: So what do you suggest.

Justin: Well since you are new to this you can take a safe route and buy from a popular place like James Avery or Brooks Brothers. Girls love to gossip and will either praise or trash you depending on that alone.

Jack: This is gonna cost me more than I thought.

Justin: Lucky for you I already have connections in the fashion industry. So I can get brand name stuff for a lot less.

Jack: And you're gonna help me because?

Justin: Several reasons. First off you're a decent guy. You didn't even freak out when I told you about my lifestyle preference despite being my roommate.

Jack: I don't care about that stuff.

Justin: Glad to hear that but guys like Joey, Charlie and Lance do and would love to haze me if they knew. So its in my best interest to have friends who won't abandon me when they cross the line.

Jack: If its busting a few heads around then I am fine with that.

Justin: Good to hear, but hopefully it won't come to that. Anyway I'll show you what I use.

Jack: As long as it will get her off my back I am fine with anything.

Justin: Hold on there bro. If you think like that she might take you to the cleaners before you know it.

Jack then realized what Justin was talking about and saw the wisdom in his words. After that Justin showed him the web sites he used and helped him set up an account with his discount ID. Justin also showed him the different designs and flaws in the jewelry that could cause them to break or get lost easily. After helping Jack select a set of jewelry containing a cheerleader themed necklace, charm bracelet and dangle ring, Jack set up his gift card to pay online and have it delivered to her dorm room. Justin then paused Jack to have him add the gift wrap option with a card to make the moment more special. Justin warned Jack that special touches like those would keep a guy in the good graces of his female partner and avoid negative gossip as well. Jack really didn't want to do all that, but since Justin seemed to explain it very well he chose to side with caution since Ashley was scary when they were alone.

After he was done he logged off his laptop and rubbed his temples and dug into his stuff till he found some headache medicine. After popping a few aspirin with water he popped his neck and laid on his bed.

Justin: Well have you looked at your schedule yet?

Jack: I looked it over but not really.

Justin: Well I already set my phone alarm so you won't be late, but you might want to know where you need to got for your classes since this place is huge.

Jack: Good point.

Jack opened his class schedule and saw he had the standard classes of math, science, language arts, PE and history with a few electives like Spanish and computers. He smirked as he was feeling good that he would not have to share classes with Ashley. He believed that even she could not change that part for him so he smirked as he believed he found a way to get away from her for at least a bit.


Meanwhile Ashley was in her dorm room drying her hair and feeling good as she got to spend time with Jack again. After she was done, she sat on her bed with her phone and typed a long message to her mother. She requested her old smartphone sent to her and added to her plan. She told her mom it was so she and Jack could stay in touch. Naturally he mother supported her and agreed to do this for her daughter. Since Ashley was trained to take care of herself, she didn't have to worry about boy trouble and she noticed how her daughter was able to bend Jack to her will in a short time. It made her so proud that Ashley was enjoying her time at school and with Jack.

After Ashley was done she texted a few friends and giggled as she texted about her boyfriend with them. Since her roommate was still in the showers she had time to be playful and giggly. She then put her phone aside when she was done and pulled out her class schedule. She smiled as he saw her classes included the standard classes of math, science, language arts and history with a few electives like Spanish and gymnastics. She was excited as she had already made arrangements to be in most of Jack's classes. Sadly since he was in computers and she was in gymnastics she had to let that slide, but the idea of Jack in tights did make her giggle a bit. She couldn't wait till tomorrow to see the look of surprise on his face when she was planning to sit next to him. Then she had to behave as her roommate came in.


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