Meeting The World

Rose had been greeted with a few hellos and a lot of whispers behind her back when she left the dorm room. What were they thinking? After all, she had been gone for months. Rose could only imagine the rumors going around about her.
Sam hadn't really said much about what was being said and Rose hadn't asked. Maybe, she should have but other things had been more pressing, at the time.
Maybe, she should have let Sam just tell people what had happened but Rose wasn't looking for sympathy. The "oh you poor girl" looks would have been worse than any rumors. If people would just ask she might tell them; looking around at all the people she was passing it was more that she might tell some of them.
This was all a little more than she wanted to deal with, at the moment, and the thought crossed her mind to just go back to the dorm room.
Instead she headed towards the stadium. Rose had forgotten about any activities that were supposed to be taking place that day and just figured it had to be quieter than the main campus.
She managed to dodge any gossips she passed. She said hello to a few more people; even dealing surprisingly well with the fake greetings.
The "Hello, Rose. How ARE you? So, good to see you back." From the some of other rich girls who really did care but wanted her to spill something, anything about what had happened. No Rose wouldn't be discussing things with them; even if a few might have some idea.
She made it to the stadium and looked around for a place to go, maybe sit down.

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