Rose who?

Blossom could tell that JD was now looking past her or over her at something. As the girl got closer, he recognized her as Rose. He had heard she was in school last year. Some other kids said she dropped out some say she got pregnant others said it was drug rehab. Form what JD could tell pregnancy was out. He knew she was one of the richest kids in the school. How did one of the rich girls put it, out of JD reach. They referred to her as old money and her family was high on the social standing in the US. To JD she seemed typical rich girl and even the staff treated her special.

JD looks at Blossom and Jocelyn “So what they say is true I think her name is Rose. That she had to drop out lest year for drug rehab?” He asks the two. He watches as she came closer it looks like she was going to the bleachers, but he was not sure, she would have to pass then to get there. He speculated of he should say anything to her maybe he should see if she says something to them. He could invite her to the beach party too. How would he play that already asked the two already how would that make him look? He would wait to see how it played out

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