A Tour

Kyle had gone to Riley's house last night to make the dough for the baguettes as it needed to rise overnight.

He had then gone back to the dorms and this morning was back to her house with Justin.

Normally, Kyle could have just walked in as he was close with Riley and knew her aunt quite well but that seemed odd to do with other people likely already here so he rang the door bell.

The door opened and a woman, possibly in her late twenties or early 30s opened the door, she had blonde hair, and brown eyes, and while not an exact match there was a definite similarity between her and Riley.

"Come in," She said, stepping to the side.

Kyle let Justin enter first before he did. Once inside, the boy introduced the two. "Ava this is Justin. Justin this is Ava Murphy, Riley's aunt."

Ava gave a friendly smile to both boys. "Please, call me Ava. It's nice to meet you." A quick pause, "Make yourself at home. Kyle, you know your way around so feel free to show Justin around."

There was a definite sense of a family-like relationship between Kyle and Riley's aunt like there was between Riley and Kyle.

Ava left the boys and Kyle asked, "Do you want a tour of the place before I get started on the baguettes?"

Justin smiled as he enjoyed the family atmosphere and nodded as he replied, "Sure. That sounds nice." Justin was in a good mood and his connection to Kyle was feeling strong as of late. He felt he could enjoy this relationship for a long time.

"Well, upstairs is mostly bedrooms so maybe we should just do this floor," He showed Justin the living room, family room, and reading area. They passed by the little dining area right near the kitchen and spotted. Riley, Zander, April, and Dawn already prepping what they were making.

"Hey, my aunt said you two had gotten here," Riley greeted them. At the same time, the others gave various waves of greetings.

"Hey," Kyle returned the greeting. "I'm going to finish showing Justin around and then get started."

Riley gave them a smile and waved off the two.

Justin waved back as he said, "Thanks for the invite. This place is amazing. I really like the atmosphere it gives off." He nudged Kyle's shoulder as he smiled at him. Justin, "Come here often?"

Kyle winked at Justin with a smile. He took the boy by the hand toward the back patio area.

Once there and with the door closed behind him, he led Justin to a sitting area near off to the side. The plants surrounding the area made it feel secluded. Kyle leaned forward and kissed Justin. When they broke the kiss, Kyle grinned. "Just needed to do that.”

Justin blushed at Kyle as he lifted his hand to his mouth and gently kissed it. Then looked at Kyle's eyes as he softly said, "Me too. Is it me or do you want to live in a place like this?"

"It's not just you. I love this place." Kyle responded. "It's nice and always so homey. I have an open invite so if you ever want to come back here, just let me know."

Justin nudged Kyle's shoulder as he held his hand and blushed, "Oh you are such a smoothy. But I can't say no to this hangout. I mean the pool is awesome the decor is killer and the atmosphere is heavenly. This auntie has great taste. What does she do for a living?"

"She owns the Sunrise Cafe. One of those breakfast, lunch, brunch places." Kyle thought for a moment. "I think Ava just knows what she likes and tries to go for that more than with the focus to impress anyone."

Justin was a bit surprised by that fact. He replied, "Oh we should totally go there one weekend for brunch. I like her style and I hope her food is just as good. So how long have you all known each other?" Justin was very interested in knowing more about the guy he fell for.

"Sure, that sounds good." Kyle had been to the Cafe a few times but not often. He thought Justin might like it. "Well, Riley and I lived next door to each other in LA. Her nanny and my mom would take us, as infants, to the park together. I think I must have been five or so when I met Ava for the first time. So, a long time." Kyle responded. "Riley's like a sister to me. She was the one who suggested I transfer to Sakura."

Justin nodded as he was glad to learn this cute side of Kyle and then a sly smile came on his face as he asked, "So I take it Mrs. Ava and Riley may have some cute pics of you growing up huh?" Justin smiled at Kyle as he was hinting that he wanted to see the pictures of a young Kyle.

"Oh, I'm sure they do. But then I'll want to see pics of a younger you when you get a chance." Kyle grinned at the other boy.

Justin chuckled as his plan backfired on him. Justin then replied, "Fair enough. I was hoping to see you blush a bit, but it's a fair trade." Justin then kissed Kyle on the cheek as he muttered, "Thank you for this. I was scared at first to take this chance, but I am glad I did." Justin looked at Kyle's pretty eyes and said, "I'm sure they want us to cook something soon."

Kyle smiled at the kiss and Justin's words. "Yes, should probably get back in there." He led Justin back into the house.

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