"We don't have to," Blossom hurriedly interjected. The whole thing was rolling up like a snowball in a windstorm - downhill! All she had wanted to do was have some fun and get to see the ocean for the first time, not make everyone feel bad about it or have to explain themselves like Jocelyn was having to do. Blossom felt so dumb, so bad, for making this thing get crazy complicated.

"It's okay," she added, hands trying to wave everything away like she was Cinderella's Fairy Godmother and could Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo everything better. Then JD brought up someone named Rose and spilled a whole bunch of tea about her and Blossom couldn't help but look over to see who he meant.

But she's so pretty. She can't be on drugs. It made sense in her head and luckily no one knew and could point out Blossom's faulty thinking. Maybe JD was just being mean or - or maybe there was something to it? But that didn't make any sense and and and everything here was just horrible! People talked about sex and drugs and people were getting bullied and had black eyes and just everything!

"I need to go change and stuff," she said, already migrating to the outside of the little group. "Just, like, don't worry about it. It was just an idea. I can go some other time." She gave a smile wholly from her lips and walked off, path kind of curving around Rose so as to stay away from her.

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