A lot of words

Jocelyn leaned her had back again, eyes closed. "Yeah...being normal would be nice." she said. "Despite what my therapist say, I don't know if I fully agree with the idea that I am normal it's the world that's not. Or rather the world that needs to change." she let out a huff. "Changing minds is just as hard as changing yourself. As for what you do with what you know." she paused. "She told me something like this once." Jocelyn quoted her therapist "Use your hardships for good, use that knowledge to make a change so other people don't have to suffer. When you make other take the some of the weight of the world you're not sharing the load, everyone has to hold up more."

She sighed again taking a drink, "A bit to introspective I suppose, its not a one for one. But trust me, we all got our problems. Some bigger some smaller, some more complex so simple. They all change us for good or bad. Point is no one person will ever know every single thing about another person and even if they are dealing with the same thing, nobody will feel the effects the same. Some secrets you keep others you lay bare."

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